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Cool Young Lady & 58 Impala...graduation present
Marty Crail Hollingsworth class of 1958



Here's a photo of the 49 Merc that James Dean drove in
"Rebel Without A Cause"

My '49 Merc was Persian Blue, customized by leading in front & back.
My folks wouldn't let me lower it, so I carried bags of cement in the trunk!
Paul Prosise '58

Rick Gonser, class of '59
Big Chief, my first car. Big Chief was a 1955 plain-jane sedan with Pontiac's hot new V8. It had a Rochester 4bbl Carb and dual exhausts. The Heavy-Duty 3-speed manual trans was a Buick design, and the rearend housed 4.10 gears. They didn't make Positraction units until 1957, so Big Chief made do with welded spider gears. Note large Howard Cams decals in the rear side windows. If you have a good eye, that's my parent's house on the corner of Knoxville and El Progresso, about three blocks south of Millikan... Do you remember the Clay Smith "Woodpecker" decals? Well Clay didn't do Pontiac cams at that time, so Howard reground my stocker to 3/4 race specs, which was a big deal in those days <grin>...

Rick Gonser, class of '59
My old Bonneville was a graduation present. It was ordered special, with an assist from Long Beach's Mike Salta Pontiac. Options included the Trophy 345hp/389 engine, Super-Hydramatic transmission, 3.42 Safe-T-Trak rearend, P/S, P/B, P/W, P/A, and a Delco AM Deluxe "Wonderbar" radio. You might recall seeing it in Milllikan's NE parking lot, or even worse, racing up and down Palo Verde with the Tri-Power wide open! Forty years and many $$$$ later, old "Bonnie" has been restored to her former glory...

Richard Charlton, Class of '59
My 1955 Chevy with Corvette Hubs, Channel Rake, Color was (23 coats) of Sierra Gold, 1956 Lincoln Tail lights, first 45 player installed in my car (still have the 45s). Belonged to the Lancers Car Club". Would like to contact any of the old members. We cruised "Oscars's" and "Hody's" nightly for "poodle skirts and sweaters". "Lancers" had the top custom cars in Long Beach at that time. I worked at the "Golden Lantern" after school with Allen Campbell and Ron Zuelzke/1960.

Jack Jakubik, Class of '60
1950 Pontiac, w/'57 Olds J2 engine, single 4 barrell carb, '51 Olds floor hydro, 16" Smitties & Olds Fiesta hub caps. Interior by Long Beach Naugahyde


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