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Rusty Clarke with his "Candy Green" Roadster






"Even though he's only had it two months, senior Gary Anderson has accomplished quite a lot with this immaculate "53 Ford Victoria. When he drove off the used car lot those few months ago, the car was completely stock. Since then, Gary has made just a few minor alterations, but had succeeded in changing the appearance of the car a lot. - Small Things - Deciding to start with little things first, he took the car to Service Center to have it nosed and decked, and the center piece of the grill removed. The car was then dropped down four inches in front and two inches in back to put it on a slight rake. The front was lowered by cutting two coils out of the springs and the back by means of blocks.

Wishing to add a more 'custom' look to the already good looking "Vic," Gary had Service Center also french the headlights in. Then choosing '55 ' Chevy' taillights, he had the old ones removed and the new ones molded in. -Quaint Paint- A most unusual cutless bronze paint job was picked for the exterior of the almost finished custom. The car was then taken to Larry Onstott, also a student here on the Ram campus, where a very unique and distinct job of scalloping was done. Tiara gold contrasts very nicely with the bronze. Next, '56 Olds hubcaps were added along with full length header pipes, which give an even lower look to the car." by Joanne Williams 10/25

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