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William Seal was WWII veteran, educator and mentor to disadvantaged

William Seal  William Blois Seal (seated) with his late wife Betty, who passed away on Aug. 7, 2011

William Seal_1957
William Seal, 1957 Aries yearbook photo.

       William Seal_1958 
William Seal, 1958 Aries yearbook  photo.
William Blois Seal, who was born in Long Beach on June 14, 1924 at Seaside Hospital, passed away Friday, March, 15, 2013. He died peacefully of natural causes in the arms of his daughter Judy Seal, surrounded by family, according to Judy.
William attended Burnett and Fremont elementary schools, Jefferson Junior High School and Wilson High School. It was while he was at Wilson at a Sadie Hawkins Day Dance at the Pacific Coast Club that he met his future wife, Betty Houston, a Poly High student and daughter of Judge Oscar E Houston.
William enlisted in the Army on Terminal Island with most of his classmates in 1942.
One of his hobbies was raising homing pigeons, and, while in the service, he was sent to England to train pigeons with English pigeoneers. A frustration was the pigeon hawks the Germans kept releasing, requiring a constant flow of newly trained birds. William was also in the fourth wave in Omaha Beach.
Judy says that she had asked her father throughout his life, “Why don’t you ever complain about anything? You are always cooperative and positive.” His answer was that once he survived the gunfire at Omaha Beach, he promised he would never complain about anything again. On his way to the Battle of the Bulge, he was called to the captain’s quarters and was handed an order to report to Amherst College within the next 16 days. He had passed the officer’s test for West Point, and he went to Amherst and Cornell for training.
William graduated from Long Beach City College and then earned a bachelors and a masters in education from USC, where he had been a member of the Sigma Chi fraternity.
He was on the first faculties of Stanford Junior High School and Millikan High School. He was activities director at Poly High School in the early ‘60s and worked with students who went on to become prominent athletes and community leaders, such as Gene Washington, Kenny Booker, Charles Brown, and Dr. John Ingram. He began counseling students at LBCC. At that time Long Beach Unified School District was a K-14 system with all employees and students under the Board of Education. In the late 60’s, the two systems separated, and William followed his own father’s footsteps at Long Beach City College.
He became very active in Veterans Services at LBCC, counseling Vietnam veterans and getting them on academic paths to success. During the time of the fall of Cambodia and large numbers of immigrants coming into Long Beach, he coordinated with LBUSD closely to enroll parents of students in LBUSD into English-as-a-Second-Language classes. The coordination came easily, according to Judy. His wife Betty was in charge of the school district’s ESL and bilingual programs, and William was well known for paying for books and tuition for LBCC students who had run out of financial aid, Judy said.
“My parents always considered getting an education a social responsibility more than a privilege,” Judy said. “Therefore, if there were barriers to fulfilling that responsibility, both of my parents spent their lives removing them. They did whatever it took. And oftentimes it meant having students in need living with us. I never quite knew who would be at the dinner table. Dad fed, clothed and educated students who had recently left the Navajo Nation, former Poly students, exchange students, and homeless Vietnam veterans. I think I got an excellent education in the process. My parents shaped my entire philosophy of public education, the need for higher education for all students, and the enduring strength of this nation. Removing barriers to higher education became front and center. Little did I know I would spend my life doing the same thing.”
William’s career spanned 43 years. In his retirement years, he traveled with his wife and children, volunteered in the community, and continued his open-house policy for students in need.

  Ben Levine: Taught at Millikan 1960-1968
My dad died March 3, 2001 just short of his 78th birthday of Cholangio Carcinoma (cancer of the bile duct). He had been feeling progressively worse since November of 2000. After Millikan, he went to Poly and then moved on his own to Santa Monica where he lived for about 24 years working at Ryokan College in Los Angeles, teaching and helping adult students write doctoral theses on subjects mostly related to psychology. He also spent those same years in prison ministry visiting Terminal Island and in later years he became active in the Quaker faith. There is a continuing fund raising effort at Ryokan in his honor. Typical of Ben Levine, his memorial service in Los Angeles had every diverse person imaginable attending. Although I did not share Dad's somewhat left-leaning politics, I had to appreciate his incredible ability to collect the most unusual and varied friends and tireless efforts to help them. He was a major character. My brother and mom continue to live in Long Beach and I live in Indiana.
Geni Levine Thomas

I was so sorry to read the news of Mr. Levine's death. He was one of my senior Humanities instructors (along with Neil Van Steenburgen and Pat Bratton) in '64-'65, and part of the team-teaching rotation during my year of Social Studies in '63-'64. Levine was a passionate teacher, always urging us to "get involved," and, of course, a great champion of good, old-fashioned liberalism. He had great faith in the government's ability to solve many of our society's social problems. We've lost an inspirational teacher and a decent human being. My sympathies to his family. John Tsitrian
updated 7.26.09 (Class photo from Doyle Flock Class of 1963)


Norman Maredith, long time Wood Shop Teacher passed away (5-10-03)... I'm not sure of the circumstances, but i thought you would like to know.

Dennis Houser
Class of 1980

Other faculty that passed away was Sgt. Stringfellow who retired and moved to Mephis Tennessee. I was privileged enought to travel to Memphis for his retirement from that school district. He showed me the fine eatings on Beal Street. He passed away a year later in 1991, I believe.

      Joseph "Joe" Schmid, a German teacher for many years, retired and moved to Mamoth. He died, I believe, in 2000, while coming down the mountain to go on a vacation cruise. His car struck black ice and went off the mountain. I have been told he died instantly. A memorial service was held at the Phoenix Club in Anaheim.

Just thought I would help on the ones I knew.

Judy Segerstrom Barrett
email:"Judy Barrett" JBarrett@socal.rr.com

From Randy Engelman

 Spencer A. Brekke taught at Millikan High School during the early 60's for a short time. I believe he taught in the Social Studies and/or English Departments. He had taught Social Studies and English for many years at Hughes Jr. High School. Upon retiring from the LBUSD he moved to the Ashland, OR area where raised cattle for over 30 years on his ranch. Spencer passed away at the age of 87 on Sept. 15, 2000.
From Ted Brekke
"Ted Brekke" t.brekke@sbcglobal.net



PATRICK JAMES BRATTON '52 died February 26, 2002 in Long Beach, Cal. He was a teacher and administrator in the Long Beach public schools for 33 years, retiring in 1990 as principal of Stephens Junior High School. In retirement he enjoyed traveling, interviewed prospective Harvard students, and informally helped dozens of people with troubled pasts to gain employment by polishing their résumés. He leaves his wife, Jane Ann, a daughter, Lisa Santana, a son, Joel, three grandchildren, and two brothers, Kevin and Con.

This is my dad's obituary from the Harvard Alumni newspaper. He taught English and Humanities at Millikan throughout the 60's. He was 70 when he died of emphysema.
Lisa (Bratton) Santana, class of 1975
email: "Lisa Santana" <lisa@bataviastrings.com>

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My father, Roland J. Urbanek, taught Social Studies, Government, US History and AP History at Millikan High School.  He began teaching at Millikan in 1957.  He was transfered to Jordan High School when I attended Millikan, as there was a policy of not having family members at the same school site.  After I graduated in 1969, he eventually returned, and retired after 41 years of teaching in 1988.   He passed away this year.
Here's his biography/obituary:

    '61 ARIES scans thanks to Doyle Flock, Class of 1963

Roland J. Urbanek

March 27, 1920 to February 18, 2009

Roland (also known as Rollie) was born in the family home on March 27, 1920 in Clarkson, Nebraska. He attended Clarkson's public schools and graduated in 1938. In his early teens Rollie began a musical career playing saxophone and clarinet with the popular Clarkson favorite of that time “Fil Wacha and his Swing Band”. Music was always an important part of his life.
Attending the University of Nebraska at Lincoln, he received his BA and MA degrees majoring in History and Education. While there he met his wife to be, Dorothy, from Hebron, Nebraska, in a U.S. History class. They were later married at Mather Field, Sacramento, CA, on December 25, 1942.
Roland's work at the University was interrupted by World War II. During the war he served in the Army Air Corp as a Technical Sergeant assigned to the Judge Advocate Division of the India-China division of the Air Transport Command. At the close of the war he returned to the University and continued studies in advanced work as a John Hay Fellow at Columbia University in New York City; as a William Robertson Coe Fellow at the University of Wyoming in Laramie; as a Taft Fellow at Stanford University in Palo Alto, CA, and at Pepperdine University in Malibu, CA, and as an International Law Fellow at the University of Southern California in Los Angeles. During this time he entered the teaching field and taught for 41 years (10 years in Scottsbluff, NE, and 31 years in Long Beach, CA).
Although teaching was the core of Rollie's career, he also served as a Ranger Historian with the National Park Service in Scottsbluff, NE., for 7 years and developed a lifelong interest in the Oregon Trail and Westward Movement in America's History. Several publications and color slide programs came out of this period.
After retiring from teaching in 1988, Rollie pursued his interest in rock collecting, and jewelry making with the Bellflower Gem and Mineral Society. He and Dorothy had been married 58 years when she finally succumbed to Alzheimer's disease. He enjoyed playing his saxophone with the Long Beach Community Band, Leisure World Symphony, Swing Band and Dixieland Jazz group. During the last 9 years of his life he was able to travel in the US and South America. He continued to enrich the lives of his family and friends with his humor and zest for life.
submitted by Karen Michele (Chelle Wilson) Urbanek '69

Mr. Urbanek was my A.P. U.S. History teacher in 1984-1985. He must have had a profound affect on me because I have taught the same course in San Diego.
I'll never forget how proud he was of me, and a little surprised, when I scored a 4 on that exam.
Maurey Williams '86

   Mrs. Elizabeth Hudson

Click to see page dedicated to Mrs. Hudson in 1962 Aries

Mrs. Hudson's photo and '62 ARIES dedication scans thanks to Doyle Flock, Class of 1963

 Maxson (Red) Montgomery

Click to see page dedicated to Red Montgomery in 1961 Aries

 '61 ARIES dedication scans thanks to Doyle Flock, Class of 1963

   '61 ARIES scans thanks to Doyle Flock, Class of 1963

Elva Louise Tucker Miller
(June 24, 1908 - January 5, 2010)

Mrs. Miller, 101, of Lake City and formerly of Rochester, died late Tuesday evening, Jan. 5, 2010, at the Lake City Medical Center-Mayo Health System Nursing Home in Lake City, MN.

Elva Louise Tucker was born at Bondurant, Iowa, on June 24, 1908, to Herbert and Idella (Lee) Tucker. She attended grade school at Dailey School in Polk County, Iowa, and graduated in 1925 from Mitchellville High School in Mitchellville, Iowa. Elva received a B.A. degree from Lombard College in Illinois in 1928, and an M.A. degree from the University of Iowa in Iowa City in 1944.

She taught at the following schools: Bear Grove, Jasper County, Iowa rural schools; Mitchellville, Iowa; Rock Falls, Ill.; Gladbrook, Iowa; Campus School at the University of Northern Iowa in Cedar Falls; East High School in Waterloo, Iowa; and Millikan High School in Long Beach, Calif.

  '61 ARIES scans thanks to Doyle Flock, Class of 1963

Richard O. Williams, on June 19, 2010.
According to a notice in the Orange County Register, Mr. Williams was a Minnesota native born in 1937, and was an alumnus of North Hollywood High, Valley College, and UC Santa Barbara, and did graduate work at Cal State Long Beach. He taught Industrial Arts at Millikan for over 40 years. He was survived by Ruth Ann (his wife since 1965), two children, and four grandchildren.

The family requested that donations in his memory be sent to the MHS Industrial Arts Dept.

Gary Ashcraft (Millikan '65)

Dr Joseph Yoseloff  Photo from the 1960 Marshall J.H.S. Ramanac --- Thanks to Doyle Flock

Dr Joseph Yoseloff  died in 1993 (Government/Business Law)

Principal Clarence Wood    Photo from the 1960 Marshall J.H.S. Ramanac --- Thanks to Doyle Flock

Principal Clarence Wood died in 1984 - I remember the obit in the Press Telegram

From: Edward Schaffer Class of 1971

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