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Class of 1957

Earl Lance Skonberg
Edwin Sisson
Eva R. (Beeler) McCollum
Riley Ann Way aka Simpson
Edward Donald Freeman

Earl Lance Skonberg
E-mail address:
Current Occupation: Retired

Message to Classmates: I am looking forward to the class reunion with great anticipation. I hope I won't be the only one from the class of '57.

Life Update: After Millikan, I moved to Colorado in 1959. During the 10 years I lived there, I got married, served in the military and worked as an Illustrator/Artist for Martin Corporation. I moved back to Southern California in 1969 to work for Hughes Aircraft Co. in Fullerton, Ca. I attended Fullerton College, University of Kansas and the Art Center School of Design in Los Angeles. I retired from Hughes in 1994. I have been married for 37 wonderful years and live in Fullerton along with three crazy cats.

Update: 1/11/06
I recently moved from Southern California and now live in Oregon.

Hobbies/Fun: I am an avid Fly Fisherman, love to play golf, bowl every Friday and obtained my private pilots license in 1975. My most recent hobbies include cooking and finding my roots or genealogy.

Edwin Sisson
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Current Occupation: Retired
Message to Classmates:

Life Update: I was in the Graduation class of 1957 which I believe was the first Graduation class of the school. I had transferred from Wilson High School in Long Beach as I lived in Lakewood and it was quite a bit closer.

I spent all of my working life in the retail meat business as a meat cutter and then the last 15 years of my work life I was a Meat Dept. Counselor for our Company owned stores and also for home owned stores that purchased product through our wholesale facility. I worked for Nash Finch Company, headquartered out of Minneapolis, Minn. and spent 37 years with them before retiring in 1998.

I have many memories of my Millikan High days. I remember the day that I believe it was a janitor parked his car in a driveway between a brick fence and the building. It was a very narrow driveway and he was driving a Nash Metropolitan. Several of the braver soles picked it up and turned it sideways in the driveway where the bumpers were almost touching in the front and the back. How he was able to get it out I do not know as we had gone back to class.

Another fond memory I have of my senior year is a fire we had in a field across the street from the school and several of us pushed cars away from it so they would not get damaged. I believe they sent to our parents letters to let them know that we had done this and perhaps saved several cars. (To see photos and Long Beach Press Telegram story)

I married a very lovely lady in April of 1959 and this past April we celebrated our 40th Wedding Anniversary. We have been blessed with 3 Children, 2 Boys and 1 Girl that blessed us with a total of 8 Grand Children.
My wife Marian is still working and she is looking forward to her retirement hopefully in a couple of years. She manages a Credit Union for the Company that I worked for.

Hobbies/Fun: My hobbies are swimming, spending time with my computer and my Children and Grand Children. I also enjoy lawn and garden work as we live on an acreage in Nebraska.

Car - Millikan Days: My cars that I drove while going to Millikan was nothing like some of them I remember were driven by several of the guys. I drove a 1941 stock Pontiac 4 door for a while and a 1949 Desoto for a while and I believe I had the last part of the year a 1941 Ford Coupe. All very stock but I wish I had them all today.
Posted 2/24/00

Eva R. (Beeler) McCollum
E-Mail address:

Current Occupation:Retired from the US Army
Message to Classmates: Graduated from H/S, just hung around for 6 months then joined the US Marine Corps, served 2 years, got married, had kids, now have 5 grandkids. When the Children got old enough - I went BACK into cthe service (US Army) from which I retired

Shool Activities: just got into trouble.
Life Update: My husband and I, now that we are retired, travel 6 months of the year in our van and trailer. Mostly to the Southern States

Car - Millikan Days:- lived close enough to walk
Posted 5/15/00

Riley Ann Way aka Simpson
E-Mail address:

Current Occupation: Currently work for Round Rock School District in Round Rock, Texas.

Message to Classmates: I have only been to the first reunion. Would love to attend the 2000 reunion. At St. Thomas More Catholic Church in Austin, Tx I know Carol Kostelecky who graduated in '61. Small World. I stay in touch with Linda (Cochran) Sayre in Thousand Oaks, CA who graduated in '59. Have 5 children (3 boys and 2 girls) and five grandchildren (3 girls and 2 boys). Would loved to hear from former classmates.

Car - Millikan Days:I did not have a car to come to school-we lived a mile from the school so I walked.
Posted 4/16/00


Edward Donald Freeman  AKA DON  AKA  hood de longo   Class of 57 living in Tucson AZ    i  am looking forward  to next reunion i only hope i can adjust my time as i just found out about it. cliff Kennish let me know about this site so will see . do you know how i can get a copy of the 57 year book  i lost mine when i went into the air force  dec of 57 long story will tell you later .my sister carolyn ( marsh)  class of 59 I THINK. WE BOTH WENT TO THE 2005 REUNION
Email: SR71DlovesR@aol.com

Posted 10.5.08

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