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Class of 1958
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Bob Charlton

Darline (Ryther) Braz
Douglas Lucas

Ed (Eddie) Smith
Elaine Mason-Goodman
Jim Hanchett
Keith Pressley
Leonard Mehlmauer

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Larry Kramm
Linda (Lhle) Quinlan

Marty Crail Hollingsworth

Olivia (Livvie) Guerra Chambers
Paul Prosise
Phil Nixon
Joel Payne

Russs Arnett

Larry Kramm 58'  Larry Kramm 2014

Larry Kramm, Class of 58

Email: lkramm@alo.com

I was in the 2nd graduating class at Millikan Hi, transferring over from Wilson Hi.  I don't remember any of my fellow class mates, except my best friend, Richard Grogran.  He played the tuba and was the drum major of our school band.

My best experiences included photography class, time I spend in the school dark room and the Photography Club. (also the California Cadet Corp of which I was a member and rifle sharp shooter). I don't remember my classmates names, but perhaps you were in the club, too.  That experience lead me to my photography hobby after retiring from Chevron after 33 years.  I spent most of my time at Chevron as a Data Program Analyst and programmer.  After retiring in Antioch, Ca  I spent many years photographing the City of Antioch as a hobby.  Some of my photo ended up in the Antioch Press (local newspaper), and one photo ended up as a cover of a telephone book of Antioch.

Back to MIllikan, I don't remember the fire across the street where students pushed cars out of the way, but I do remember the great oil fire on Signal Hill.  The smoked blackened the sky and we watched it from the 2nd story window of one of our class room. I believe it was my chemistry class.

I am now (2015) in Madera Ranchos, (between Madera and Fresno).  After my first wife died in Antioch after 30 years of marriage, I met my 2nd wife and moved to a 2 1/4 acre place that we built into a horse breeding and training ranch.  After 10 years we retired from the horses.  We are both disabled now and just keeping the place going is a challenge.

Linda (Lhle) Quinlan

Linda (Lhle) Quinlan Class of 1958

Linda Passed away on June 16th 2013, from a sudden medical issue. 
From: Lorilyn Yarger-Craig, Class of 1978

Marty Crail Hollingsworth
Web Site Personal: http://lynnandmarty.faithweb.com
and http://home.earthlink.net/~grammawalt
Life Update: Life after Millikan included 22 years in Southern California, 2 years in Denver, and 15 years in Northern California. My three children were raised in Huntington Beach and now two of them live in Denver and one is in Long Beach. My husband and I owned a printing company in the San Jose area, but six months after he died I sold the business and "came home." God has smiled on me once again and pointed me in yet one more direction. I met a wonderful man on-line and we are living on a horse ranch in Wildomar. I am currently doing graphic and print brokering and also learning how to build web pages.
Hobbies/Fun: Cooking, on-line trading, writing, photography
Car - Millikan Days: 58 Impala...graduation present
Life Line Story
Posted 11/3/99

Olivia (Livvie) Guerra Chambers, (Liv & Jim)
Occupation: Insurance Agent (retired)
Message to classmates: Let's get this thing together
School Activities: Learning
Life Update: Married, 2 very grown kids, 4 beautiful Granddaughters
Hobbies/For Fun: Mel Gibson

Paul Prosise 1958      
Photos - Class photo '58,        Sunset in front of our home - Kailua Kona 2011,                                            Scuba certified Kailua Kona - '07

Paul Prosise, Photographer - Retired and Millikan Alumni web site webmaster
Web Site Personal: My Hawaii web site

School Activities: 1956-1958 Aries Annual & Corydon newspaper staff photographer ('56-'57 only photographer), NRD Treasurer.
Life Update: After Millikan, I moved to Hawaii. From there, I went into the Marine Corps for 4 years. Signed up hoping to be a combat photographer but the closest I got to that was teaching photography! After I got out, was a photographer for 7 years for North American Aviation which became Rockwell International and traveled all over the country. Then I worked for Scientific Data Systems which became Xerox Corp. for 5 years as their Photo Department Manager. In 1975, I started my own business as an editoral and corporate photographer and later added computer graphics and web design.  I also taught basic computing to seniors for the City of Irvine, CA.  Was married for 20 years and have two terrific sons. In 1986, I married for the second  time to my lovely wife, Willa, on a catamaran off the coast of Maui  and added a daughter and son and eventually 9 grandchildren to our Ohana.  We are now retired and living in Kona, Hawaii and spend our days kayaking, scuba diving, snorkeling - and growing and eating papaya and pineapple!
Hobbies/Fun: Computers - Mac & PC, Internet, Sea Kayaking, Snorkeling, Scuba Diving, and photography above and below the water.

Like everyone I’ve had my share of ups and downs, but on the whole, it has been a great life.

Photo - First flight in an ultra light -  Maui '86                                                                              Three generations - Kauai - 2016

  Enjoy taking soft drinks and snacks to our troops when they come over to
  train on the Big Island.- 2016

   Some of my scuba diving Photos - Kailua Kona.

Car - Millikan Days: '49 Mercury, Persian Blue, customized by leading in front & back.


by Paul Prosise '58

Where alumni contribute short stories about their lives and experiences.

See Candid Photos on the "Good Old Days" page
Bio Update: 1/10/09

Phil Nixon
Email Address:
Occupations: Managing Computer Operations, Sales
School Activities: Football & Track
Life Update: After graduation I spent 4 years in the Marine Corps. It was a fairly nice time since there were no bullets flying at the time. I got to see a lot of the world I never would have seen. Then came marriage, college and a job at the May Company that lasted 22 years. I am currently single (I hate the D word) and living in Arizona working for an RV Service and Parts center.
Hobbies/Fun: Golf. Going on Cruises.
Posted 2/29/00

Joel Payne
Fernandina Beach, Fl. 32034
email  flyplayne@bellsouth.net

Posted 10/27/07

Russ Arnett - would of graduated in 1958 - but left early
Email: russel.arnett@gmail.com
Long Beach CA
Retired from independent consulting 10/2006
Then after being bored - started 1/2007 working for Dell Services as Virtual Project Manager


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