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Arline Kaplan

Dale Etheridge

Diane (George) Rodecker
Diane (Yager-Lehner) Willeford
Dorwin D. Gregory
Jack Jakubik 
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John L. Kelly
John R. Price

Marc Kashinsky
Miriam (Cohen) Goldberg
Patricia Ann (Pat) LeCour
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Arline Kaplan
E-Mail Address:

Occupation: Have always loved print journalism and have stayed with it. Currently, I am a 'half and halfer'(working half-time as senior contributing editor for Psychiatric Times, a journal/newspaper for 40,000 psychiatrists and other mental health professionals, and half-time as a freelance writer, primarily in the health care and business fields. Past work included Action Line columnist and community news reporter at the Press-Telegram, medical book editor, Kern Valley Sun editor, public affairs specialist for a national health care corporation, etc., etc. Second career as a lay counselor has been equally rewarding and often inspiring (e.g., helping with a bereavement group).

Web Sites: under construction at my brother's site. Check www.wjkaplan.com/millikan/; we have also posted some converted 8-mm film segments of my 16th birthday and high school graduationůsome of you were in the film); lots of my articles on bipolar and other psychiatric disorders are posted at www.mhinfosource.com.

Message to Classmates: I am having difficulty bullet-pointing 40 years of living since high school. Here are some things I am still learning:

Trust your intuition and believe in synchronicity.

Build in some kindergarten-playtimes into your week (e.g. a trip to the zoo, drawing with chalk, going for a walk with no destination in mind).

If you get into trouble, call in the troops (e.g., family, friends, therapists, support groups, prayer)

Don't wait until someone dies to express how much you care about him or her.

Be grateful for your life in all of its colors and shadings.

School Activities: Corydon, student council, Ramshack, Anchor Club, Spanish Club, CSF, NHS, drill team etc., etc.

Life Update: Graduated from USC with journalism major and then completed graduate year in political science. During college I spent a summer in India as an exchange student with the Experiment in International Living. Recently, I returned to India for a week and felt blessed to hear the Dalai Lama speak for several hours. Been married and divorced twice. Believe it or not, I still maintain a friendship with my first husband and his wife. My second husband died last year. Survived 12 years of single parenting. Have two compassionate and accomplished children 'my daughter, Alysha, is married and is an attorney practicing in international law in Washington, D.C.; my son, Rob, last year graduated from USC in international relations and cinema. He worked with Silver Pictures on 'the Matrix' and is now studying to be a digital artist. I also have a great son-in-law, Tom, who is an expert in computer networking. Besides writing, my passion is travel and exploration. I have traveled through most of Europe, China, India, Russia, and Bali(and love it.

Hobbies/For Fun: I am part of a group called Friday Night Alive. We get together once a month in Costa Mesa to sing, dance, and do readings for each other. Some of us, like me, are just-out-of-the-shower performers and others appear in community theater. Come join us! E-mail me for dates and directions. I also enjoy Sufi dancing, personal writing, traveling, ballroom dancing, and spending time just 'being' with family and friends.
Posted 5/30/00

Dale Etheridge
E-mail address:
Occupation(s): Planetarium Director
Web Sites: http://www.ccsn.nevada.edu/other/Planetarium/
Life Update: BS - Astronomy - USC - 1964; MA - Science Education - Cal. State Los Angeles - 1966; EdD - Science Education - UCLA - 1976; Taught Astronomy/Math at Mt. SAC 1965-1969; Computer Programmer - Xerox -1970; Curator of Exhibits - Griffith Observatory - 1971-72; Computer Operations Supervisor - Litton Data Systems - 1973-76; Planetarium Director/Astronomy Professor (including a web-based course) - Community College of Southern Nevada (Las Vegas) - 1976-present. Am looking forward to retirement in a few years and spending more time at our place north of Zion National Park in southern Utah (http://www.zionview.com/).
Posted 5/18/00

Diane (George) Rodecker
E-mail address:

Your current occupation(s): Writer/columnist 6 years, for magazines & newspapers - received 8 national & local awards. Advocate & resource specialist for people with disabilities; public speaker. Also do acting in commercials and infommercials (yes, yes, those phony "testimonials" for face creams and food supplements!!) plus promotional films & radio voice-overs.

Web Sites: Local weekly column, Orange County Register: http://www.ocregister.com/accent/challenger.shtml

Message to Classmates: I'm on the Reunion Committee - will be asking for your "Memories of Long Beach in the 50's" for a memorabilia booklet. More about this later - Be thinking!!

School Activities: Salus, Socii, Ramshack President (hey, is the Ramshack still around???), Student Council, Cosmopolitan Club, talent shows (flamenco dancing), CSF, NHS, and all that ...

Life Update: Graduated from USC, taught elem./jr. high. before and after having four fantastic children; one beloved son died 7 years ago (passenger in accident). Have traveled extensively. Lived in same Huntington Beach home 27 years. Past six years - devoted much time to helping people with disabilities become "empowered" and lead quality lives.

Hobbies/For Fun: I love adventure! Like to fly - private planes, ultra-lights, sailplanes, whatever! Hiking, biking, target shooting, anything outdoors. Was part of a team excavating at Calif. missions, spent some time on a Dude Ranch, backpacked throughout Europe. Enjoy a lot of Scrabble, Chess, dancing, restaurant-hopping, travel, dating...(divorced; gave up seeking Mr. Right, looking for Mr. Right Now - ha ha). Most important: FAMILY - kids/grandkids - we're very close & do a lot together!
Posted 11/5/99

Diane (Yager-Lehner) Willeford, I am retired from the medical field, having worked for two doctors for 25 years.
E-mail: greatmimix7@verizon.net

My husband and I will be celebrating 50 years of marriage 1 month and 4 days after my 50th reunion.  We have 3 grown children a daughter and 2 sons, who would not be happy with me for listing their ages.  We have been blessed with 7 grandchildren  and 2 beautiful step granddaughers.  We have done a lot of traveling in the US and Canada in our motorhome and we also have done a few cruises and a recent trip to Ireland with our adult granddaughter Hayley.  That was quite a treat.   We are both retired, I was a medical assistand and medical office manager, my husband is a retired Los Angeles County Fire Fighter.
Even though my co chair of the reunion committee, Sherry Jo (Bell) Kopp passed away suddenly last Feb., I have had the most wonderful reunion committee to work with and we will keep on going with getting the classes of 59 and 60 together again

Life Update: Having raised three children, Cathy 38, Rob 36 and Rory 31, my husband Richard and I are enjoying retirement and our six grandchildren. I'm not quite sure what keeps us so busy, but we are never bored for a moment. Retirement is great!

Hobbies/Fun: E-mail, sewing, crafts and putting together a Victorian doll house.
Time Line Story
Posted 11/1/99 - Update 10/22/10

Dorwin D. Gregory. I was known then as Greg or Greg Gregory.
E-mail address: paradigm@rmi.net

Your Occupation(s): I am the owner of a business, New Paradigm Productions which started out doing audio recording,and has now generalized out into many other directions including property maintenance and buying and selling antiques and audio equipment on the internet.

School Activities:
At Millikan I was active in the Drama Department acting and scenery design. Does anyone remember Antigony?

My Message to my Classmates: Congratulations! We made it. A lot of us didn't.

Life Update: After graduation I went attended Long Beach State College, and UC Santa Barbara majoring in Psychology. I changed my major to Drama and attended UCLA (great drama dept). I did graduate work in drama at San Francisco State College. My first wife and I moved into a sleepy little neighborhood near Golden Gate Park called the Height Ashbury dist. Then all these strange people started moving into our neighborhood and doing the most amazing things. This fabulous music scene started happening with groups like the Jefferson Airplane and the Grateful Dead and rock concerts at the Old Filmore Auditorium and at Winterland. Without ever making a conscious decision we became hippies. These were some of the most interesting years of my life. In the 70s we left our Victorian flat on Fredric and Stanyon and moved across the bay to Marin County where we eventually bought a house and remained throughout the 80s. My wife became a registered nurse and Me? Don't ask. I now live on a two acre farm way out in the country. I am sort of out of my cultural elementhere in rural Colorado, but the scenery is absolutely stunning! We grow organic vegetables and have a small orchard. I love cooking and had some classical and restaurant training in the 70s. I do all the cooking in our family.

My interests include Hi Fi, where I am deeply involved with single ended triode amplifiers and horn speakers and the wonderful kind of music the antique devises produce. I am enjoying life as a retired philosopher and ecstatic visionary, and I write poetry, some prose, and do active research in a number of areas. I am interested in, archeology, ancient history, early cultures like the Egyptians, Sumerians, and lately the Old Europeans of the Neolithic. I have been a UFO researcher for a number of years and I am very interested in the subject of alien abduction, UFOs and the alien presence on the planet. I was abducted from Camp High Hill when I was in elementary school in Long Beach, and a few years ago I met a lady my same age who was also abducted from school camp at that same time. Her father worked at Lockheed.

When I moved to Colorado about 8 years ago, I remarried a beautiful and very intelligent French woman named Monique. We have many common interests including nutrition, life extension, hiking in the beautiful Colorado outdoors (where else?) meditation. Monique does volunteer work for the Hospice program here in Montrose, and I have been helingher compile a cross cultural reference libruary on death and dying derived from many ages and cultures, Buddhist, Taoist, etc.
Car - Millikan Days: I used to drive a Austen Heily Sprite.
Posted 3/3/00

Passed May 2019
Jack Jakubik
E-mail address:

Occupation: Semiretired / Marketing Consultant

Message to Classmates: We grew up in the golden age. Our music is timeless and our cars are some of the most sought after collectibles. I'm proud to have been a part of that generation. Having met and worked with so many alumni during the reunion years, has been very rewarding for me. Our reunions are A living window of both past and present and I hope that "YOU" will be there so that I might say hello.

School Activities: Varsity Football, Varsity Track, Varsity Club Sgt. at Arms, Spanish Club Sec., Band, Letterman's Club, Senior Class Council, Inter-Club Council, Legislature. University of Maryland - Munich, CSULB '67, BA in Business Administration.

Life Update: Wife: Pat (Lakewood '62) 3 Children: Leigh Ann (St. Joseph '85 / CSUF '89), Bobby (St. John Bosco '88 / CSUF '93), Eddie (St. John Bosco '91 / CSUF '96). I sold my Sales & Marketing firm in '97 on a long-term buy out and moved to the Las Vegas area. I work a few days a month, but basically just have fun. I stay active with the American Legion and the Sheriffs' Association.

Hobbies/For Fun: Golf, Boating on Lake Mead, Broadcast Music, Videography, Travel, Gambling
Car: 1950 Pontiac, w/'57 Olds J2 engine, single 4 barrell carb, '51 Olds floor hydro, 16" Smitties & Olds Fiesta hub caps. Interior by Long Beach Naugahyde. See Photo at "Car of the 50s"

Military: U.S. Army Aviation - '61 to '64. Sargeant / Temporary Grade Warrant Officer. Rotary Wing Co-Pilot / Observer / Flight Inspector (JAFO), with tours in Europe and South East Asia. Sikorsky helicopter specialist.
Time Line Story
Posted: 11/99

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