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Arline Kaplan

Dale Etheridge

Diane (George) Rodecker
Diane (Yager-Lehner) Willeford
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Judy Cross/Carroll
John L. Kelly
John R. Price

Marc Kashinsky
Miriam (Cohen) Goldberg
Patricia Ann (Pat) LeCour
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Sharon Colenso Noice
William D. Kandler
Jeneane (Johnson) Taylor
Richard Vandecarr
Gary May
Kenneth Donald North
Patrick Haney

Frances Jolley (Crespo)

Judy Cross/Carroll
E-mail address:

Your Occupations(s): Retired Flight Attendant, American Airlines

Life Update: Married to Captain David Carroll; Captain of Blue Angels" from 1982-1983. Moved 5 doors down from Richard Charlton/1959 (North Lake in Irvine) in October of 1999.
Posted 11/28/99

John L. Kelly

Occupation(s): I have been making my living as a professional Archćologist since 1967 and have been a full time Associate State Archćologist with California State Parks since 1976. I worked on General Plan Inventories for eighteen years and am the Archćologist of record on General Plans for more than seventy units of the State Park system. Parks I have inventoried in Southern California include all of the coastal units from San Diego north to San Simeon plus all of the Santa Monica Mountains units and several inland Historic Parks. I am currently involved in project review and planning for 203 park units stretching from the Tehachapi's to the Oregon border. I am a specialist in trails development and management, ADA (Americans With Disabilities Act) handicap access retrofits and historic structure restorations. As you can probably tell I like my job and, barring unforseen circumstance, I will probably stick with it for seven or eight more years. By the way I will put my part time job background up against anybody. I have worked as a carnie, teamster, morgue attendant, editor, publisher, medical supplies salesman, bar tender/ bouncer, and about twenty other odd and unusual occupations. Web sites: Nothing personal. My department has a site http//cal-parks. ca.gov which you might find interesting.
Message: Just have-fun, and visit California State Parks often!

School Activities: German Club, Cosmopolitian, drama, track-letter(manage), football-letter(manage), Gold and Jeweled "M" (both of the pins are currently in the possession of my ex-wife Donna {Ricketts} Kelly, Millikan '62), Physics Club, Ushers, YFC, CSF, NHS, National Merit Scholar, plus a bunch of other stuff I am having a problem sorting out (I can't figure out whether my wet ware memory storage is failing or if my finder is corrupted--probably both. Maybe by the next reunion my engrammitic memory will start to kick in. My 88 year old mother can remember the names of every student with whom she went through elementary school while I can't remember the name of a single one of my elementary school teachers. I do remember the names of a few of my sixth grade classmates at Cubberly, but then we went all the way through Marshall and Millikan together).

Life Update: Claudine (Young-Mater Dei '65) and I still live in the middle of an incredible clutter on our five acre place in semi-rural Orange Vale in the northeast corner of Sacramento County. Our menagerie has shrunk to one cat, an elderly burro, a geriatric pygmy goat and two King snakes. We tried waterfowl again last year and found that the Coyotes are still active in the neighborhood. We occasionally play host to skunks, opossums, raccoons and probably several varieties of rodent along with at least fifty species of wild birds. Claudine has changed employers and now works for Roseville Directories Company which is a division of RCC Communication which is the largest privately held telephone Company in the U.S..
Both of my sons live in the same house on Palo Verde Avenue I lived in from sixth grade until after I graduated from Millikan. Tim who is the younger is a supervisor in the Computer Services unit of Deloitt and Touche at their main offices in downtown L. A.. Tim is single and has no children of which I am aware. John is working in computer services for an HMO in Long Beach which specializes in health care for senior citizens. He and his wife Kim celebrated their tenth year together in June of '99. My grandson Robert will be ten in August of this year. He was born the Sunday following our 30th reunion. My granddaughter Ashly turned eight this past February. I am happy to say that all of them are currently healthy and the grandkids are doing very well at Cubberly. If my grandson Robert graduates from Millikan he will be third generation (his dad was class of '89). Robert will be the ninth member of my family to attend Millikan.

Hobbies/Fun: I had pretty much stopped Civil War reenacting by the last reunion. My current job has me out of town so much that it is about all I can do to keep my place from falling down. We have also curtailed the size of our vegatable garden because of our work schedules. We both still reenact at Sutter's Fort. I have been playing the same real character (Dr. John Marsh) at the fort for 17 years this April. The only other person who has played a character as long is an Engineer friend of mine who started playing James Marshall at the same event I began playing Marsh.
As I noted above we live amidst an incredible clutter. Claudine and I collect so many different kinds of stuff that I do not feel comfortable attempting to list the various categories in this overlong epistle. If any of you are collectors we will be happy to talk with you about our obsession at the reunion (question to Marc K., do we need help?) . If any of you are antique or collectible dealers please contact me now!

Car - Millikan Days: I didn't have a car through most of high school but could borrow my dads '50 Imperial sedan almost any time. The behemouth was so big that it was almost like a limo. It was great for double dates and you could easily quadruple date in it(single dating was the most fun since the back seat of this thing was about the size of a large living room couch). Miriam (Cohen) Goldberg apparently has fond memories of that car because she never hesitates to remind me about the time we got stuck in the parking lot at Java Lanes at 3AM when I couldn't get the old "clunk-o-matic" transmission in reverse. My dad had to drive down in his company car to rescue us. Late in my senior year I inherited an ugly green 1950 buick special with a three speed manual transmission from my oldest sister. What a clunker, she let it run out of oil and burned a valve. I drove it for two years and then junked it. Several years later I learned that it was the rarest of all post war buicks and that it was quite valuable.
Posted 3/2/00

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Marc Kashinsky
Occupation: Clinical Psychologist, currently Chief Psychologist at Kaiser Permanente Medical Center in Santa Clara, CA.

Message to Classmates: Given the collective wisdom I have seen expressed I don't think of anything profound to add -- just, good friends and good memories are treasures.

School activities: None particularly that come to mind but cherished memories of John Glover, Ken Johns, Helen Carter, Eleanor Weiherman and Joan Hansen.

Life Update: After changing majors more times than I care to think about, I graduated from Long Beach State in Feb., 1961 and matriculated into their MA program in Psychology. I had also had a wonderful experience working with Joe White and Walt Hunting, two psychology profs at LB, dealing with teachers and administrators in the LA school system after the Watts riots. This fueled my interest in community psychology. I went to Clark University in MA and earned my Ph.D. in 1972 figuring that after 25 years in school it was time to retire from academics and go to work in the real world. I worked at a community mental health center in central MA for a couple of years and then returned to CA. I worked in the state hospital system here (Norwalk and Camarillo) and also taught, briefly, at CSULB. From So. Cal. I took a job in Reno and was there for about 1 1/2 years, in a position that was part clinical and part administrative, before coming to Kaiser in Santa Clara, CA in 1980. I have been here since. I have had (and continue to have) a fairly rewarding career. I am Chief Psychologist here in a very large Department of Psychiatry (e.g., about 100 psychiatrists, psychologists, social workers, and other therapists divided among 4 divisions). I am seriously considering retiring in about 2 years -- time will tell. My personal life has been a bit more tumultuous. I am sorry to say that I have been married more than once and am currently not married. I have one son who is the most wonderful part of all of my existence. He is about to graduate from UC Santa Barbara Phi Beta Kappa, with numerous honors, and with a double major in Theater Arts and Philosophy. He has written a couple of award winning short plays. And, he is a terrific kid!

Hobbies: Not as many as I would like but I enjoy books, movies and exercising (moderately).

Cars at Millikan: I didn't have a car while in school but hung out with older friends who did. My first car was a 1951 Pontiac straight eight (turquoise and cream for those of you who remember that color combination). This was followed by a 1949 Buick Super two door with a back seat big enough to hold a coffee table. The first car I really bought for myself was a 1960MGA. Although not particularly mechanically inclined, I have loved cars ever since.
Posted 5/24/00

Miriam (Cohen) Goldberg

Occupation: Division Secretary, Special Education, (LACOE) Los Angeles County Office of Education

School Activities: Drama, Chorus, Cosmopolitan, Ushers

Life Update: 3 children (Steve, 34, CEO of his company in Seattle, WA Lise, 30, Job Search Assistant, Gain, LACOE Shelley, 28, Human Resource Specialist, LACOE) Single parent since youngest was 7; ex-aerospace employee now involved in education.

Hobbies/Fun: Love country music, 50's rock/roll, Las Vegas and all my friends

Car-Millikan Days: (at college - 1954 Oldsmobile built by my brother for me)
Posted 11/29/99

Patricia Ann (Pat) LeCour
E-Mail: & Web Site:
Not yet - looking for a good, used computer, nothing fancy

Occupation: RETIRED! Hughes Aircraft, Sr. Procurement Price/Cost Analyst

School Activities: Omega Kappa Chi (gotta get a guy!), "Brigadoon", football games and dances - loved to dance.

Life Update:
Upon graduation at 17, attended airline training but found out real quick that it was no more than a glorified waitress job; next best indicated thing was marrying classmate R. Barkley Tackitt in 1961; one son, Mark Brian (I lovingly call him "hizzoner" as he is an Attorney and Judge Pro Tem, Municipal Court, Seattle, WA); Mark is married to my lovely daughter-in-law, Catherine; Barkley and I have one grandson, Turner Ashby, born 1994; before the first half of 1970 was over, I had divorced, remarried and divorced again; no more kids, thank God; been single 25 years ( my very own Silver Anniversary!) worked for the big three aerospace corporations 1967 through 1989 and retired, medically; love retirement and live each day ONE DAY AT A TIME.

Car-Millikan Days:
Rode in lots of COOL cars (Dad never found out), especially Doug Lucas' 1956 cherry red Chevy with white tuck 'n roll, which I'd give my left you-know-what for now!
Posted 5/17/00

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