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Class of 1965

Diana L Petersen, class of 1965.
My Navy family relocated to Norfolk, VA for my senior year, so I did not graduate from Millikan, and  I'm not sure anybody would even remember me!
These days I live (and still work) in San Jose.  I never had kids, but my brothers gifted me with nieces and nephews, so I do have an extended family.
I would more than love to be able to get in touch with Donald Bischenauer (class of '63 or '64) (or his younger brother, Ron).  Don went to the Merchant Marine Academy in Vallejo, California, but I lost touch so many years ago.
Email: dp1216@sbcglobal.net

Rosalie Vogel Lebec
I just retired from teaching in Chester,WV for 35 years. I am married and have 2 sons. I come back to Long Beach often. I would like to hear from other 1965 graduates.
E-mail: lebec@mountain.net

John N. Lamb
Enumclaw, Wa 98022
E-mail: dijontoro@aol.com

Married to Diane Napier (Wilson High-1965) since 1967 (High School sweethearts)
Message: I remember the fear of the unexpected of entering high school. Fears were short lived as people you met became friends. I remember the sacred ground of the senior flag pole. I remember the YMCA sponsored fraternities and serorities. The annual Y-Capers where Millikens SIGMUS was the only fraternity that participated. Other memories: Lettermans jacket, hot cinnamon rolls in the morning, pledging, my high school sweetheart who went to Wilson ( we are still together after 35 years of marriage), open heeled flats, J.C. Boots, when Milliken
was not fenced in, The Golden Lantern (orange freeze's), Bobs Big Boy, SIGMUS (where the only requirement to belong was that you treated everyone fairly), and those who touched my life and then so soon were taken by war, and those who I remember but cannot remember their names(Sometimes it is difficult to remember mine), our 10 year reunion and our 25 year reunion. Life as a student at Milliken High was a short period in my life but a great and wonderful memory.

Stephen Hancock
Auburn, Washington
Retired Social Worker

Gordon G. Meyer. Class of 1965
e-mail address; gordonmeyerlaw@juno.com
Poway, California

After High school graduation, I spent two years at LBCC, then two
years at Northern Arizona University. After college, I spent 3 years in law school. I have been practicing law for 30 years in Escondido, California. I have been married for 33 years and have one son, age 14. With the advent of e-mail, I have reconnected with some of my old classmates. I would love to hear from many more. Hopefully, there will be a good turn out at the all class picnic. I am certain that other class mates will look forward to that event

Michael Tarring
living in Kurtistown, Hawaii for 30 years .I worked as a fireman on kauai,
a carpenter, and for the past 18 years have been raising bananas on our 23
acre farm on the Big Island . I am married and have one son and one wonderful
granddaughter.there are also several Millikin graduates living in Hawaii too!
E-mail: michaeltarring@aol.com

Eric Kohn
E-mail: eric@lemobilemounts.com

Lake Mathews, California

Michael E. Sanders

Joellen Navratil-Rubick
email: mjrubick@pacbell.net

Lake Forest, CA.
After grad. I became employed at Douglas, McDonnell Douglas, and now
Have been married to Monte P. Rubick a Poly alumni. For 36yrs. No
Monte taught me percussion and have worked a second job as as drummer
and singer for years.
Looking foreward to a reunion in October 2004 with The Elm St. Band as
entertainment. Great band..


I am looking for information on the 40th reunion for 65 graduates....
"Wayne & Sue Gary" email: sue.gary@cox.net

Rosalie Vogel Lebec 1965
I just retired from teaching in Chester,WV for 35 years. I am married and have 2 sons. I come back to Long Beach often. I would like to hear from other 1965 graduates.
E-mail:  tomlebec@comcast.net 

Stephen Davis
email: stevegd007@sbcglobal.net
Retired Assistant Fire Chief
Looking for old friends and contacts

Eric Kohn
Email: Erickohn55@yahoo.com

Gary Owen
Class of 1965
Roseville, CA

Ron Starkey
Class ‘65
Retired in San Luis Obispo,

Class of 1964

 I'm looking for Tom Holder class of 1964. I actually have his year book and would like to return it. Do you have any idea how to get hold of him? Any help would be appreciated. Thanks, Stephanie Cooper (Berger) email: coop@sisna.com

Jane E Hartley, school name. Graduating class of 1964. I live in Long Beach,CA 90808. I am married to the love of my life Jim. My last name is now Carter. I'm married to Jimmy Carter  I am still working at Kaiser Hospital in Downey for 40 years. I finally plan to retire in the next three years. I know most of my class is retiring or already retired. jecarter.mom@gmail.com. I'm on facebook now

Phyllis (Condon) Loftesnes

Lynn Cooney Ferrell
Have lived in Plhiladelphia Pa now on and off since 1972. I am a widow with 3 grown daughters
and 2 granddaughters.
E-mail: lynnann1964@aol.com or hapwok@aol.com

Richard Gilbert
E-mail: oakydokey@d-web.com
Placerville, Ca.

Carol Ranoa (maiden name Koenig). I graduated in 1964 (gosh does that hurt to type...soooo long ago).
I would love to be kept in the loop of any reunion events with '64 grads. My email is: carol@ranoa.com

Richard (Dick) Wolf
E-Mail address: bonzo@abe.midco.net

Kaye Nelson Baker Class of 64
Married with 2 children and 5 grandchildren living in Idaho. Have a Bachelor's degree in nursing and currently working as a nurse educator. Would love to hear from old classmates. Still in touch with my good friend Lynda Ferguson Jones, who still lives in Lakewood.

Would love to hear about future reunions
E-mail:"Kaye" <kbaker05@cableone.net>

Donna Rae Prince, now Donna Prince Levi. Class of 1964. Married. Retired. Live in Anaheim, California with my husband, Robert Levi.
E-mail: donna.levi@adelphia.net

  Diana (Macy) Kirby Class of 64, email: dkirby210@cox.net

Class of 1963


John T. Sheehan ( AKA: Terry Sheehan )
Currently of Anaheim, CA
E-mail: abospop@earthlink.net

Carol Camrin
Single now living in the High Desert area of Calif. Hope to find ZESUS sisters you can reach me at

Lori Harris (Delores Drinkwater)
Currently living in Charlottesville, Virginia Four children 6 grandchildren. Divorced after 23 years from Rick Harris of Lakewood HS 62'
email: lorihq@nexet.net

Is there going to be a 40th Reunion this year (2003)?

Lawrence (Larry) Jarc
Hello all. My wife Pat and I retired three years ago. We live during the Fall and Winter in Gold Canyon, Arizona. In Spring and Summer we motorhome all over the US or tour other parts of the world. I play in several big bands (rhythm guitar) an umpah band and a Dixieland band (banjo) while Pat hikes, bible studies, plays cards and bowls. We are having a ball!

Adelaide (Ritchie)-Cartwright-Eriksen are our good friends and neighbors in Gold Canyon. I can be reached at lajj@ix.netcom.com

Dennise Johnson
I am also trying to connect with Rick Grimes class of 64.
E-mail: denniselsj@earthlink.net

David Kaltenbaugh Class of 1963
After high school spent time as a Navy Corpsman in Viet Nam with the Marines. Returned home and stayed in the health field as a Respiratory Therapist. Living in Yorba Linda, Ca. Married to Melodie for 31 years and have one son Ryan. I still hang with my friend Gary Blanchard (63'), but have lost contact with many other Millikan grads.
E-mail: unclebuck1945@yahoo.com

Rita Mathis Redfern Class of ' 63
Email address: omahreet@aol.com

Pam Endicott
I am a mental health counselor in Drain and Yoncalla, OR. I was into art and drama while at Millikan but found out that does not pay so well in the real world. I started university when I was 44 years old and got my BS and M.Ed. when I was 50. So an old dog can learn new tricks. I have been single for the last 25 years and have
two wonderful, grown daughters. I would love to hear from anyone in Mr.
Rashkow's drama classes or Mr. Jenkin's art classes. .
"Pam Jones" <psjones@co.douglas.or.us>

Barbara Elizabeth Robinson (married name, Peterson)
It would be great to hear from anyone that remembers me!
Email: bep98503@comcast.net
Living in Lacey, Washington
I'm a retired Flt/Att of 35 yrs

Class of 1962

Judy Sheppard now Judy Magray. I retired from Huntington Beach Union High School District as their Payroll Supervisor. I am now living in Baytown, TX. I would love to hear from other Millikan alumni. My E-mail address is magray33@gmail.com

Bob Riggins, 1962
I worked for the L.A. Superior Court for 40 years.  I am now retired on Willapa Bay in Washington State with my wife and rescued Labrador.  Nobody should have to work for government that long!  Bumps in life’s road.
Email: rjriggins@centurytel.net
Posted 16 Mar 2018

*    *    *    *

 Richard Fuller

 I attended Fall 1959 ( graduated from Stanford Junior High ) to June 1962, my main claim to fame being the Sports Editor and then Editor in Chief of the Corydon
I attended my 20th and 30th Reunion gatherings, but as I recall the 40th was thrown together at the very last minute, and was on the St. Mary's, and I could not make it
Again, I live in Lincoln, about 30 miles n.e. of Sacramento
I have a B.A. from UCLA in History and Geography, a Life Teaching Credential from UCLA, and an MBA from the University of Utah
Married and divorced once, two daughters, three grandkids, all living in Roseville, 10 miles away
Email: mrmap@earthlink.net

Ravitej Singh Khalsa (formerly M.O. Lundt) class of 1962
Became a Sikh, changed name, moved to Oregon
Marketing and Advertising Designer,
Yoga Teacher, Musician. 3 kids.
Email: "Ravitej Khalsa" <ravitej@khalsadesign.com>

Jay Hanna
Spent 4 1/2 years in the United States Air Force
Working on year 38 for GTE/Verizon
Living in Lakewood
Let's here from the rest of you from the class of 62'
Also on: "Time Line Stories" & "Millikan Vets"with photo &
Classmates We Will Miss
Web Site: "The Best Of All Worlds" Located At http://home.earthlink.net/~eighty88/

Bary Schlieder
I would enjoy getting in touch with other '62 alumni. I have been married for 37 years, have two daughters who are both married and two grandchildren, a boy 4 1/2 and a girl 1 1/2. I still live in Long Beach. My only regret is that I sold that '57 Chevy!
Email address: yrab@att.net

Sharon Stevenson
Is there going to be a class reunion for the Class of 1962 this year?
E-mail: Sharon Stevenson

Kathleen (Mitchell) Messick
Graduated in 62 and the last 40 years have just had wings. I can't believe so much time has passed so quickly.

I have two daughters, one still in the area and one in Minneapolis. I've spent the last 13 years doing clinical research (drug trials) mostly for asthma but many others as well. Now I work when and if I want to and its great.
I had been restoring a vintage home in Fullerton, but divorce put that on the back burner and we sold the house. So now I'm living in Seal Beach and REALLY looking forward to the reunion in November. So many people I'd love to see. Email is great but nothing like sitting
down and exchanging memories. See y'all in November.
The Laker Lady

Karen Fay - See Photos
email: <kfkatydid@sbcglobal.net>

After raising a family of 10 I decided to earn the BA in Art / Printmaking, I had begun working on at Long Beach City College 30 years prior! Spent 9 years in the process but finally received my degree from Cal State Fullerton in '99. Have been happily married for the past 20 years; live in Cypress; work as Fleet Manager for Yamaha Motor Corp. U.S.A.
Katie Fay

Michael Meckna

Tom Maynard is alive and well and living in Florida.  FYI.  He is alive.
E-mail: Mucksin@aol.com

Sherry (Meier) Tiddy
Class of 1962
email: sher223@comcast.net
After graduation I lived in the Long Beach area until I was married. We moved around with the Navy. In 1979 we moved to Tacoma, WA, where I currently live. I have one child, and 3 beautiful grandchildren. I was widowed in 2002 after 38 years of marriage. I retired 2 years ago as an elementary school secretary. Loved my job,  also love retirement.
I would love to hear from any of my classmates, and I also am interested in a 50 year reunion. If we will be having one, I hope someone will let me know. My daughter and her family live very close to me and we are planning a trip to Disneyland April 5th through the 10th. Please contact me if you would like to meet.

Roger Hendrix, Millikan, Class of 1962
Email: rhendrix@hendrixconsulting.com

Carol McCoy (Rinehart)

I'm trying to find out if there are any old reunion books available to the graduating class of 62' for the 40th reunion? There are so many sites and nothing seems to get me where I want to be.
Wouldn't mind signing up for facebook but would only be interested in those who went to Millikan between the years of 60' to 64', not sure if that's possible or how you have it broken up.
Carol McCoy (Rinehart)
Email: cmccoy65@verizon.net

Class of 1961

Tom Frost class of 1961

Have lived in New Mexico for last 34 years. Retired in 2007 after 17
years as an Electronics Group Leader at the Very Large Array for the Nat'l Radio Astronomy
Observatory. Married with a Wife, 3 Step- Daughters, 1 rescue Dog, + 2 fish tanks. Live in
the Southern end of the Rocky Mountains at 7,200 feet altitude on 4 1/2 Acres-big change from LB.

Spent most of 1980's as a Cold Warrior travelling the World for the DoD...

Rest of my story is on my web page here:


e-mail address is:
Magdalena, New Mexico

George E. Mehlmauer, gymnastics 3 years, 1959, 1969, 1961, my event olympic rings. The 11 mehlmauers started millikan in 57 with John, then Len then larry then ron then me (george), then Marilyn, then Joan, then Nancy, then David, then Mike, then baby Jayne. I still live here in Long Beach and have 2 houses in Hemet, own my own business and am licensed in 3 fields. The wife left for a pilot in 1989. I miss her, life keeps going on and on. My company, 3busyguys.com....seismicgeorge@aol.com.....4350599

Susan Bolton Dinsmore, class of 1961. I am now living in Las Vegas, Nevada.....Just found this site. Hope everyone is doing well...You
can reach me at LV1168@aol.com

Diane (Olson) Bruce, class of Millikan High, 1961 and I live in New Mexico. My e-mail is dandjbruce@cybermesa.com. Will there be a reunion soon?

Harriet Hensley Smith my husband and I live in Mission Viejo and have 5 terrific grandchildren as of this email - of course we also have the 3 children who gave them to us as well. Is another reunion in the works for the class of 1961?
email: dhsmith2@aol.com

Sam Hinton and I graduated in 1961
email: sam_hinton@adelphia.net

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