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Class of 1960  1959  1958  1957

Linda (Cruchley) Tanseco Class of 1980
E-mail: linda@halsglass.com
Saying hello to old friends.......No one else is listed for our class so I guess I will be the first!! Come on guys, why am I am always the one who has to have the parties??
Living in Cypress, CA. Married 17 years. One son 13 years old and one daughter 8. Two step kids, both married and THREE grandkids. Keeping busy.
Say hi sometime.........linda@halsglass.com

Dennis Houser, E-mail: L192@aol.com
After graduating I stayed in Long Beach for a few years, eventually getting married and moving to Moreno Valley (east of Riverside). I have been a police officer for the city of San Bernardino for almost 15 years and would love to hear from any of my old class mates.

Andy Morales, I want to give a shout out to all those Rams that Remember the Awesome year of 79-80 CIF!!! Its Been Awhile I hope all are doing well. Email Address: an4536m@yahoo.com

Dana Knight, After HS I went to LBCC and finally graduated from CSULB. I lived in Long Beach and Huntington Beach for several years working in high tech sales. In 1993 I felt the need to be closer to the Mountains so my wife Jennifer and I picked up and moved to Boulder, Colorado. I am still in high tech sales. We have a 3 year old daughter Isabel. I am still climbing, mountaineering, and flying airplanes. I hope you are all well and happy. E-mail: dckfly@hotmail.com

Mil2  Lori (Wagner) Hart, Class of 80
Varsity Cheerleader
Nursing:  LVN LBCC, RN, BSN, MSN(nurse practitioner), Ph.D. in Education
Taught for Utah State Univ., Now teaches for Weber State University(online) for nursing
Have lived in North Carolina(2 yrs), Tennessee(4 yrs), Rhode Island(1 summer), Utah(14 yrs), Alaska(2+ yrs so far)
Married Rick Hart Millikan Class of 76 in 1981
4 Children(2 girls, 2 boys), 1 granddaughter
Blog: www.hartfamilyalaska.blogspot.com(Rick's actually)
Activities at Millikan: Varsity Cheer, Kidettes, 
Also a member of Long Beach Jr. Concert Band
I still go to LB about 1 time a year.

Douglas Moffett Class of 1980
3 kids, divorced and living in Thousand Oaks.
E-mail: douglas_moffett@yahoo.com

Maxi Rodriguez and I'm part of the Millikan HS Class of 08. I was wondering if it is possible to be linked with my class committee so I may stay updated.

Class of 1979

David Koon class of 1979
After school went into the Marines but blew my knee out in boot camp. Stayed in Calif. Until 1988 when I moved to Dayton,Ohio. I have 1 son and 3 daughters. Love to hear from all classmates.
Email : koon_tony@yahoo.com

Michael Cook, E-mail:mcookhemet@earthlink.net

Paul Hobbs, E-mail: plhobbs@qwest.net
Message: I drifted away from Long Beach, and never seemed to drift back. I sure would like to hear from any of my old friends and swap stories. If there's a 25th reunion planned, I'd probably pry my old ass out of the woods and come down there. In any case, any one who wants to can e-mail or write me.

Bill Snyder, E-mail:
Message: My gosh, it has been a long time since graduation! I hope you old dogs are doing well. I moved away from Long Beach in the '80s, but visit on occasion. I would love to hear from any old friends from class, stagecrew, band....


Michael Buckles Class of 1979
U.S. Air Force / Dept of Defence ret.
Currently working as a PI/K9 Handler- Volunteer Fire Fighter & Search & Rescue
Hamilton, Montana.email: forensick9s@dishmail.net
Posted 4.4.09

 Paul Freedman RAM Class of 1979, SFSU Class of 1984
I moved from Long Beach in 1979 to go to San Francisco State; Fell in love with The City, and stayed.  Met my parnter in 1983, and to beat all odds, Dana & I are still together after 23 years, in San Leandro.  I am a Computer Support Professional, and Dana is a Mailman...he's been a carrier for 37 years, and is about to retire.

I still keep in touch with a few of my classmates in Long Beach, since I travel there to visit family, and when I have to visit my property in Palm Springs.

Been really getting into country dancing for a few years now, (Line dance, 2-step, Waltz, etc.)

Patty (Soldin) Martinez
Henderson, NV   
email: copperarch@earthlink.net or copperarch@hotmail.com

Michael Fitzgerald Class of 1979
I am also look for a year book from 1978-1979.
I served in the Marines from May 5, 1979 to June 16, 1997
email:  mikefitzgerald.md@gmail.com


Class of 1978

Dan Buhler, Email - reverenddan@musicfornimrods.net
Message - Dan Buhler is still alive and well. I'm now a minister, a disc jockey and...so very little has changed (In the 70's, I had born-again secret sweethearts, listened to punk rock and wore Kiss makeup whenever possible...go figure). Visit my damn website, wouldja? City/State - Hollywood, California (amazing, huh?)
Personal Web Page - http://www.musicfornimrods.net Occupation - Minister, Disc Jockey and Crackpot
Be well! Reverend Dan Buhler

Andrew Friedman, I all. I am living in Colorado now, in the Real Estate and Mortgage business. I've visited Southern Cal fairly regularly and sometimes I feel its just a matter of time before I return to my old home turf.
I would love to hear from others from class of 76-80. Where are ya'all. I miss the old days, parking my car on campus, getting in trouble with the Vice Principal, it's a wonder I made it through.
My email address is: Andrew@listinglegends.com drop me a line pals.

Patty Norman, E-mail: mspattynorman@aol.com
Well, the old apple doesn't fall far from the tree. Here I am, still in Long Beach. I even teach for LBUSD. My son just graduated from good ol' Millikan and I have a daughter there now. I'm on campus fairly often which brings back some wonderful memories! Ahhhh, if we could only have the freedom and innocence we had there once again....Alas, we're in our 40's people! Agh*** Where has the time gone?! I sure don't feel 40. I'm happily single and living a good life. If we were part of each other's life, get in touch. My memory is still pretty good and I'd love to hear what you remember about life as youths at Millikan. Oh boy! How'd we ever survive?! LOL

Jeff Race, email: jeffrace@vzpacifica.net

Christopher Taggart, Class of 1978
E-mail address:  ctagg11793@aol.com
Years Served:  1985 to 2010
Outfit:  U.S. Army (Retired)
Currently lives in South Carolina

Class of 1977

Gary Melvin, Message: I graduated in 1977 and was on the Football & Wrestling teams. I was also in a club called Thadus. I think it was around since the beginning of the school.

Dr. Tom Privette, E-mail: privett@wyeth.com Occupation: Pharmaceutical Business, Message: Hello old friends - I left Long Beach after high school - moved to Chapel Hill, NC for college and grad school. Moved to Philadelphia (Villanova) 2 years ago for work. Have 4 kids (2 & 2) and a wife (1). I played football and baseball at RAM - went to CIF semi finals in baseball my senior year..... whatever. I still have my hair and weigh within 10lbs of my high school wt - less muscle -more fat.
Would love to hear from my friends if anyone reads this. When is the next '77 class reunion. The 20th was a blast!

Beck, Vincent N, Im still here at The Boeings/Douglas plant since high School, Im making The C-17, Still Enjoying Fishing, Surfing, Martial Arts, and Dirt Bikes.
email: nofishnobeer@yahoo.com after 3pm ok, Salute, Nick Beck Its Not Who`s right its Who`s left!

Linda (Leuer) Ziemba
Class of 1977
Lacinda Beggs, class of 1977.
Hello all. I left Millikan when I graduated and enrolled at Long Beach City College. I went to school online at Coastline Community college for some classes. In 1999, I continued my education at Mount St. Mary's in Los Angeles and received my B.A. and M.A. in 2003 and 2007, respectively. I am currently enrolled in a Ph d. program at UCI. I was involved in the drama class and met many lifelong friends at Millikan. Unfortunately, my best friend, Donald Smith, also class of 1977, passed away last year. I am attending my 30 year reunion at the Grand tonight. You can email me at: professormsm@yahoo.com

Allan Scott
I can be reached at ascott@mba1992.hbs.edu, Wellesley, MA.
You can find me on Facebook:  http://www.facebook.com/reqs.php#/profile.php?id=21757&ref=name
Currently GM for an early stage technology company, my 4th.  I’ve also been with the US State Department, Lucent Technologies, and 3Com.  At Millikan I was on Varsity Cheer & Student Govt but also in years prior ROTC and Band.
Feel free to drop me a note.

Class of 1976

Dan Schill also know as “Spanky” class of 1976….
Living in Eastern Washington State. Been married for almost 32 years, 3 children, 2 dogs, 3 cats.
Been driving a truck most of my life. Looking to retire very soon……
Would like to hear from any classmates from the bicentennial class…. Have A Great Day
Visit us on the web at   theschillfamily.com http://www.theschillfamily.com

Chris Greta, Millikan class of 76
I started a project called HeroBracelets.org out of my office two years ago. We raise money for the Intrepid Fallen Heroes Fund by making HeroBracelets. The bracelets bear the names of soldiers deployed, wounded or KIA in Iraq and Afghanistan. We'd love a link on your site if we can.
Chris Greta
Director HeroBracelets.org
Supporting the Intrepid Fallen Heroes Fund
Take a hero into your heart. Wear one on your wrist.

Mik  Richard(Rick) Hart Class of 76
Attended LBCC(82), North Carolina State Univ, and Southern College of Optometry(91)
Optometrist in Sitka, Alaska
Have lived in North Carolina(2 yrs), Tennessee(4 yrs), Rhode Island(1 summer), Utah(14 yrs), Alaska(2+ yrs so far)
Married Lori Wagner Millikan Class of 80 in 1981
4 Children(2 girls, 2 boys), 1 granddaughter
Blog: www.hartfamilyalaska.blogspot.com
Activities at Millikan: Band, Choir, Musical(Sound of Music), Golf
My parents still live in Long Beach and I visit 1-2 times year. 

Devin Michael Garrity - class of 1976
Heidi Belger Garrity - class of 1976
email: dgarrity@msn.com

Class of 1975

Phillip Knox, E-mail:woodychp@hotmail.com

Richard Brown, E-mail: richard.brown18@worldnet.att.net
I would be interested in anything that comes up about the class of 75.

Everett Bush C/O '75 (early grad) Message:currently living in Ohio, but moving soon. Just wondering who is left I might know. E-mail: a1sologuy@hotmail.com

Gwen Charleville Harper, E-mail:Fulxmom@aol.com
The class of 1975 is not having a 25th reunion, but we will have a 30th. If everyone will give me updated address and email, I'll make sure their info is added to our data base and they are kept informed.

Debbie Hudelson Krava, E-mail:krava@gnww.net
Would love to hear from others from my class. I am living in Merced,CA now with my husband.

Patti Joe, E-mail: pattijoe01@aol.com

hey class of 75' its Colleen skinner, i cant believe its been so long since i was there. i know reside in Buena Park, California. I am wishing to meet up with you old classmates soon. please contact me back soon at colleen8500@aol.com sincerly, colleen skinner

Jennifer Jones, Class of 1975. I was known for being a bit of an actress! Please let my classmates know that I now live in Garden Grove, am single, work for Veterans Afffairs in the Education Department, and love to storytell at the local libraries! E-mail: jennifer.jones2@med.va.gov

Robert Schill, E-mail: r.schill@worldnet.att.net
Living in Alaska and loving it. journeyman electrician Shout outs to all of my friends of 72-75


Lisa Bratton Santana, class of 1975, I'm living in Chino Hills, CA, and am married with 3 big kids. I teach ESL at Santiago Canyon College and give violin & viola lessons privately and at Concordia University. I play gigs on the weekends. Please email me at lisa@bataviastrings.com

Monica Blumenfield, E-mail:MBlumenfie@aol.com. LB City Council Candidate District 5. I'm a 1975 Millikan Graduate and running for Long Beach City Council, District 5. In a nutshell, District 5 is the area that all Millikan neighborhood students live or lived in.

Class of 1974

Solange S. Schwalbe, E-mail: hollywood27@writeme.com
Motion Picture Sound Editor- Go to IMDB.com, look up Solange under "Sound Editing." Hi, everyone! Even though I work in Hollywood, I live in Lake Tahoe. I graduated UCLA Film School in 1979, and entered the film industry in 1981 after living in New York City for a year. I rode my bicycle across America, then, two years later, rode from Anchorage, Alaska to Los Angeles. Divorced, no kids, I have a terrific life! If you're out there, let me know!

Bruce Carter Luft , E-mail: Bruce Luft <bruce.luft@home.com>
"I think that it would be interesting to hear from old classmates".

Doll McGarvey now Doll Taradena, Salem Oregon. E-mail:cooterbug116@aol.com
I'm a housewife, I have 2 kids Michael 11 and Emily 8. I would love to hear from anybody that remembers me.

Bruce Carter Luft, E-mail:Bruce Luft I think that it would be interesting to hear from old classmates.

Daniel Mandell, E-mail:dmandell@Truman.edu

I'm currently an assistant professor of History at Truman State University, in Kirksville, MO (aka the middle of nowhere). Between Millikan and here, I've lived in Israel, northern Calif. (college), Virginia (graduate school),
Massachusetts (various jobs and another graduate degree), Indiana, Georgia, New York, and Illinois. Anyone who'd like to make contact and swap life stories is welcome.

Brad Liebeck, Class of ' 74, E-mail: bncliebs25@charter.net
Long Beach, CA. I would like to organize a golf tournament prior to our 30 year reunion. Anyone interested, please let me know. Firefighter/Paramedic for the city of Long Beach working on the east side of Long Beach (Millikan's area)

Karen Jarnagin 1974 , email: SrKarenJ@aol.com

Rich Hudson
Director of PR/Marketing

Lisa Chamberlin, Class of ’74
Looking for fellow classmates, in particular the Zeus Girls, you know who you are!  And Barbara Blackwell, where did you go, I still have all your silly folded letters?!
Been married (this time) for 19 years.  I moved from CA two years ago and now live just north of Dallas , TX
  Anyone else in the area give me a shout!

Janet Rapaport here, class of 74'. I ended up graduating from Huntington High, but grew up all my life in Long Beach and most of my old friends were there. I know it sounds outlandish, but I left in 76' to sail around the world. I got as far as the eastern Caribbean and lived there 10 years. Since then, I returned to southern Calif in the 80's and owned a Caribbean shop in Huntington Beach for 10 years. I raised 5 kids alone and now I am finally going to college. I have 2 more semesters for my BA. I still sell my wares as a street vendor at various art shows and venues. Just wanted to say hello to anyone who might remember me.
E-mail: j_rapaport@juno.com

Lisa Chamberlin, Class of ’74
Looking for fellow classmates, in particular the Zeus Girls, you know who you are!  And Barbara Blackwell, where did you go, I still have all your silly folded letters?!
Been married (this time) for 19 years.  I moved from CA two years ago and now live just north of Dallas , TX .  Anyone else in the area give me a shout!
Email: ohlisao@att.net

Dawn Passaro  (Formerly: Schasker)
I have many years experience in Human Resources, but have been recently working in Marketing.
I graduated in 1974 from Millikan, and obtained a psych degree from UC Santa Cruz.  I currently live in Santa Cruz, CA.
If anyone from those days, is interested, I would like to hear from you.
Email: dawnpassaro@yahoo.com

PS -- Thanks to Paul Prosise for doing this!

Carlos de Paco Class 74, international student from Costa Rica
Email: CDEPACO@iadb.org

Class of 1973

Christie Followell, class of 73 is looking for old friends. Email: Belicians@aol.com


Robin (Kennedy) Camrin, I would be interested in any reunion information for the class of 1973
E-mail:RCamrin@aol.com Redondo Beach, CA

Luc Tremblay. Hi guys and dolls!
I have been out the picture for almost 30 years now and would like to know if a reunion is in the planning stages for 2003?
I moved back to Canada (Montreal) in 1981. I have been married for 11 years with two wonderful children. Our son is 10 years old and our daughter is 8 years old.
My promise to wife and children was to show them where I spent good part of my formative years. Well guess what! We are planning an extended vacation in California next summer.
I would certainly be interested in attending and would schedule our trip around a planned reunion date.
My coordinates are as follows: Email: luc_tremblay@sympatico.ca
Hope to hear from old friends........................Luc

Stephen R. Schwalbe, Hi fellow Rams from 1973! Steve Beck and I are looking forward to seeing old friends again later this year in SoCal. We are both in the US Air Force at MAxwell AFB, Alabama. My e-mail is Sisschwalbe@Knology.net for those who want to renew old friendships.

Robin ( Kennedy) Camrin - Looking for class of 73 reunion information. E-mail: RCamrin@aol.com

Gary Schreckengost, E-mail: schreckclan@pcnuthut.com Okanogan WA

Teresa Ellis Class of 1973, email: a1speeps@yahoo.com Jordan High. I did not attend Millikan, but met lots of nice Millikan people at Long Beach City College and would like to try to get hold of them.

David Wandrocke
I live in Redding California, working in the medical field as a Radiology Technologist. I am Interested in hearing from other 1973 grads. E-Mail:dwandrocke@charter.net

Robert Lawrence Prince, married to Elizabeth Jane Donovan, pharmacist for Rite-Aid, and they have three children. Robert works for Boeing. His eldest, Erin, is at medical school in Philadelphia. Son Kevin just graduated from UCI. Daughter Kelly is also in college.

Lisa (Duncan) Smith
smithpark2@msn.com  (email)

Laron Taylor 1973
E-mail: larontaylor@charter.net
Redding ca.
retired still doing patents
hey who is still kickin

Class of 1972

Doug Shepard, E-mail: Shepsofnw@cs.com I live in the Seattle area, and my class is due for a 30 year reunion next year. Heard of anyone sniffing around for such an event?

Karen (Lyons) Spencer and I would like information on the 1972 reunion. I would love to hear from Heidi, Ron, Carol and anyone else that remembers me. I live up in Santa Clarita (did not get far, did I?) and would love to meet some old friends. My e-mail is vangoer@ca.rr.com

Melody Wahl, Email: heart_focus@yahoo.com
 I left Milliken in the 11th grade for another school.

Bill Simpson class of 72, email bullheadbill@hotmail.com Let me know your out there

Susan Jo Berry, graduated Millikan 1972.
E-mail address: harphealer@yahoo.com Website:www.petpause2000.com
Checking to see if there will be a reunion next year 2007.

Larry Jacobson, I'm a graduate of the class of 1972, at that time the largest graduating class of any high school in the state, over 1200.  I was the valedictorian and graduation speaker, and always maintained my dream of sailing around the world.
My partner and I recently completed our six year circumnavigation in our 50 foot sailboat, making us the first gay couple to sail around the world.  This should be a surprise to others since I was kind of known as the ladies' man... LOL.
My book will hopefully be coming out next year and here's a link to the preview website with lots of pics and sample writing.
Hope you can post this.
Thank you, your site is great.
All the best,

My book is out! 
It hit #1 on Amazon and is a big hit.  

Larry Jacobson
Author of,
The Boy Behind the Gate
How His Dream of Sailing Around the World Became a Six-Year Odyssey of Adventure, Fear, Discovery, and Love

Larry Jacobson
email: larry.jacobson@mac.com


Mark Webb
email: mwebb683@yahoo.com

Class of 1971

(I was Michele Allen way back in high school). E-mail: michelecleveland@hotmail.com
Please contact me with any information regarding our 30 year reunion.

I'm looking for the yearbooks for the years 69, 70, 71 to give as a present to a girl that lost hers in a divorce. Can anybody help?
Randy Engelman. email : rannnan@msn.com

Kathy Glow Kreida Class of 1971,l Living in Long Beach. Have two children, one in college and one in high school. Email:gkfamily@aol.com

Randy Cook '71, I graduated from Millikan in 1971, and I enjoyed scanning the alumni website to try and find old friends. After Millikan, I worked in the Long Beach harbor and attended LB City College in the evening. With enough money saved up, I went to Cal Poly in San Luis Obispo, and received an engineering degree. After Cal Poly, I moved to Silicon Valley area and worked at Hewlett-Packard in field engineering and sales. I grew tired of the big company workstyle, and moved to smaller companies. I have spent the past 25 years with a series of semiconductor and consumer technology companies. I am married and have two boys, age 11 and 13. We live in Los Altos, which is north of San Jose. The only Reunion I attended was the 20th year, in 1991.
I was surprised at how many people I recognized. Both of my parents have passed away, so I have not visited Long Beach recently. I am sure much has changed, and I doubt I would recognize Millikan.

John Swett 71' (Woody)(Finian's Rainbow)
1972 - 2002
Completed 23 years active and 7 years reserve
Aviation Electronics Technician
Naval Air Reserve
Tours in Spain, Phillipines, Tailand, Japan, Portugal and Hawaii,
 Alaska and
North West, South West and South East United States
Photo to Follow