Millikan Alumni Class List
1991-2006, 1981-1990, 1971-1980, 1966-1970, 1961-1965, 1960, 1959, 1958, 1957

Class of 1990

Alisa Orphy (Wilhite) - Class of '90
I recently married and changed jobs.  I moved to Acworth, GA.   I would love to hear from old classmates.
alisa.orphy@gmail.com is my new email address.

Karin Johnson
email: kljray@aol.com
I am separated with no kids. I work for a passenger service to Catalina Island. I would love to hear from any old friends or acquaintences.

Tim Basler
Class of 1990
Now living in Parker, Colorado

Class of 1988

Kevin Heaning
Email: kevinheaning@yahoo.com

Cheryl Madrid
I'm now a mother of 3 children, living in Missouri, and owner of Everystuff.biz

Michael Allen
Operations Manager of the Long Beach office of Sonitrol. 2 Children,
Currently residing in Lakewood, CA
E-mail:"Michael Allen" <allen.mj@verizon.net>

Richard Chris Larson, union carpenter chrislarson@knac.com or

Kimberly Pena(Templeton) I am now living in Nampa, Idaho. I have been married for 15 years and have 4 children. Now that my children are all in school full time I am substitute teaching. My email address is singing2rejoice@cableone.net Can't wait to hear from fellow classmates.

Michael Allen
email: allen.mj@verizon.net

Lakewood, Calif. Western Region Operations Manager for Sonitrol (Nationwide Alarm Company). Married for 13 years to Amy Chiara (c/o 1989), 2 boys now 12 & 7.

Juli (Schwartz) Bear
email: julibear@san.rr.com

Class of 1987

Patrick Falsetto
Graduated in 87 and then went to CSULB. I now live in Corona and work in Newport as an accountant for a RE development firm. My little brother just
graduated from Millikan in 2001.

David Lamb
E-mail:maxdhavoc@aol.com. I live in Pismo Beach I am married with a three year old son. My wife and I own our own business, DTL Unlimited a networking system to help people shop on line. I would like to here from my old classmates find out how they are doing pretty much what everyone else is asking for.

Dena Hammond(Hamby)
Currently Reside - Marietta, GA
Message: After MHS I attended Pepperdine University from 1987-1991 then moved to Georgia in 1992. I am married and have a 5 month old son. I work for State Farm Insurance Company. I would love to hear from any '87 grads....

Rob Moss
I currently live in Jacksonville, FL and I am married and we have a 3 year old son.
email: boberthm@hotmail.com

Kelly Washington, I graduated from Millikan in the Class of 1987 I did not attend the 10 year reunion, and would like information on the 20 Year

Class of 1986

Marshalis Shabritt
E-mail: MarsalisShabritt@cs.com

Funny how time flies. I've been in Atlanta for the past 9 years. My
daughter is now 15! I would love to hear from some of my classmates. I plan
to come back home this summer, maybe we could catch up on old times.

Izumi (Arai) Barkovitz
Aliso Viejo, California
email: ibarkovitz@earthlink.net


I graduated from UCI where I met my husband. Soon after we married we moved to Singapore for three years - played tennis, had a live-in maid, gave birth to our first son, enjoyed the expat life! We returned to SoCal for eight months then moved to England for about two years - played tennis, no maid, gave birth to our second son, and enjoyed the expat life again! Now we're back and happy to be close to family and friends. I hope all is well with my classmates :) Zoom

Rob Durazzo
email: rdurazzo@rocketmail.com

( We Beat Poly) I graduated from UCLA, then Pepperdine. I 've taught in the LBC since '96. I married Jennifer Paternoster in '97.
We now have 3 children, 2 boys, 1 girl (she was born 5/07/04) We live in Huntington Beach.

Constance McGiffert-jackson
class of 1986, played basketball and received a basketball scholarship to Cal Poly San Luis Obispo. I left cal poly after a short time and returned back to school to earn my Bachelor Degree in criminal justice. I'm presently a Deputy Probation Officer for Los Angeles County Probation Dept. I've been married for 11 years and I have 1 child who's 11years old.
If there's anyone out there who remember me e-mail me just to say hi.
email: BLAQSTAR7@aol.com

Heather Mahaney Purkiss
I was a Millikan gymnast. I've been married since '89 to another gymnast. We owned our own gymnastics center for 10 years. We have twin sons who just turned 12 and do gymnastics and martial arts. Derrick Moore, where are you?!
email: HeatherAMP@aol.com

Class of 1985

Mika (Arai) Ervoes
Irvine, CA
E-mail: mervoes@aol.com
Hi everyone! After Millikan, I graduated from UCI with a BA in Social Ecology. Then I received my teaching credential to teach elementary school. I'm currently a single mom of 2 kids (ages 4 and 2) and live in Irvine. I'm still friends with Teri Schlieder, Diana Taylor, and Christy Eastman(class of 87). I would love to hear from people from the class of 85!!! Please email me!

Glenn Wells
E-mail: dr@oslopretenders.com

I came across the Millikan Alumni site and thought it was a nice resource.
Obviously, there's still a bit of work to be done, but it's a great foundation.

For people like me who no longer live in the area (I live in Oslo, Norway)
this could be a nice way of contacting old friends.

Patrick Andrew Hodge
EMail: hodgepatricka@netscape.net

Residence: Erlangen in Frankonia, Germany
Web Site: visionunique.de (in deliberation)
Occupation: Art Director/Senior Designer at Feedback Nuernberg
Military: 10 Years U.S. Army, Gulf War Veteran, Army Accomadation Medal 2nd Leaf, Army Achievement Medal 5th Leaf, National
Defence Medal, Liberation of Kuwait Medal, Saudi Arabian Defence Star.

Greetings to all Gulf Veterans, Marathon Runners, all colleques in the advertising branch, Eddie Jewett, Bill Maus, Jeff Cleeland, Dawn
DelBello, and to all I have loved and still do...

Yxta Murray
Hey to all the Millikan grads. I'm Yxta Murray, and I graduated in
'85. It was so great to see this page, with Mika's and Glenn's
contributions. I'm teaching law and writing in Los Angeles -- I teach
at Loyola Law School, here in downtown l.a.
I can be reached at yxta.murray@lls.edu

Rex Bartholomew
Graduated from UCI, and am an engineer at the Toyota/Lexus headquarters. Still living in Long Beach. Married to Lisa Miller (class of 84), and have a son (Max). See Leslie Stults(DeBaun) fairly often, but have fallen out of touch with everybody else. Like to here from you.
You can reach me at rex_bartholomew@toyota.com

Michelle Turner Class of '85
email: Meshelle503@aol.com

Portland, Oregon, Paralegal
What a great site! It's been a long time since I've heard from those I went
to high school with. I still keep in contact with a few. After graduating
from high school I went on to CSULB where I got my paralegal degree. Shortly thereafter, I met my, now ex-husband, who I married in 1991. We were together for 10 years and married 5. We are now divorced but still good friends. I'm now living in Portland, Oregon where I work as a paralegal in a patent firm.
**Would love to hear from friends!!** Bill Maus are you still out there somewhere? :)

: mommycam@cox.net
Hi all! It's getting closer to our 20th than we care to admit. I'll be the reunion contact. Please e-mail me with any current info (names and addresses) OR if you want to be on the committee! If you haven't already, please go and register at classmates.com...thanks!

Rev. Millard Harvey III
I now live in Dallas, Texas my Email address is milharv3@hotmail.com, and Im a Pastor.

Lauri L. Mathew, name now Lauri L. Secrest.
Ozark MO

Hillina Sawyer (maiden Name: Perry) class of 1985
email: guichoker@adelphia.net

Class of 1984

Kimberly Hynson-Blade Class of ‘84
Living in Alexandria, LA.
A few of us are wanting to attend and/or plan our 30th year Class Reunion.  If plans are in the works share the information with us on facebook at Millikan Class of 1984 or e-mail me.

Iris Ofir (married name Wiener)
Class of 1984
My e-mail: iris.wiener@aa.com

Joel Pasilas
"Joel" <jpasilas@ruraltel.net>
Question: I seem to have lost my yearbook for 1984, does anyone know how to get another??

Pete Mills
E-mail: petemills@grandecom.net

Message: Great site! Figures I'm the first from '84 to post anything.
"Hey Millikan-Heads! Anyone from the class of 1984 w/ computer skills to
join the fun here?
I'm in San Antonio - still - at the NBC affiliate, producing high-quality
broadcast television product.
Look me up if you dare.... Pete

Joel Pasilas
I am the father of 3 kids and I work for the Kansas Department Of Corrections Special Operations Response Team. Would love to hear from anyone in
the class of 1984 or later


Jennifer Morris
E-Mail: JMorris@hjmg.com

Systems Analyst, Harriman Jones Medical Group

Chris Seaton
Beaverton, Oregon
E-mail: Seatonch@usa.redcross.org

John Stickles, Class of 1984
I am living in Norfolk, VA for now, but move around a lot since I am serving in the Navy.  I may move but my email stays the same!
Email: styckx@yahoo.com

Brian Jane
E-mail: brian.jane@lycos.com
long beach, california

Class of 1983

Kristina (Gregory) Walsh
E-mail: Ta2znhrlyz@aol.com

Lakewood, Ca.
I'm currently studying for my Bachelors degree in Business Adminstration, and looking forward to furthering my studies to earning my Masters in Business Administration. I have one daughter 16 years old, happily married, and living a busy and fulfilled life.

Julie (Feck) Snow
email: rsnowlb@hotmail.com
, Long Beach, CA , MHS Class of 1983, After MHS, I went to LBCC for 2 years but soon discoverd after getting an office job, that that was not for me. I got on with American Airlines as a Flight Attendant in 1988 and was based in New York for 1 year. Great city but the winters were too harsh. Transfered to LAX and have been back in LB since then. Married Millikan classmate, Bob Snow (also '83) in 1994. Bob has been a Fireman for the city of Ontario, CA since '88 and is currently a Deputy Chief. Re-built a house down in the shore in 2001 and now, just enjoying ourselves. No kids, just having a good time.

Ray Beggs
I live in Long Beach with my beautiful wife and two beautiful
daughters. (I am beautiful too.) I am a real estate broker and my wife is a
commercial pilot and flight instructor. We have an airplane and we enjoy
flying around the country.
Haven't got to stay in touch with too many "Milikanites" but I would love to hear from you!

Julia Grosso
email: oscarmayerbaby@aol.com

Hi Ramhi Alumni.
I don't talk to many Millikan alumni from my class so if you want to please drop me a line.

Michael Nyman
Los Angeles, Ca.

     Michael Robert Nyman here, class of '83.  I am married with no children.  I work at Hollywood Park Casino at night as a Third Party Proposition Player, before that I managed video stores for about ten years (I am a real movie junkie) and waited tables. By day I pursue my career as an actor/producer, which I have been involved in live theatre productions, film and commercials for about nineteen years.  I am soon to add screenwriter/comedy writer to that list and am going to start hitting the stand up comedy circuit as well.  I played a lead role in a zombie movie called "Awaken The Dead" that comes to DVD on November 6th, 2007, and that same week I will have two films coming to The American Film Market at the Loews Hotel in Santa Monica.  One is called "Beneath The Mississippi" which I also associate produced, did casting on, and had a supporting role in, the other is called "The Last Bad Neighborhood" which I played the lead role of "Bishop", leader of all the gangs in Dockland.
     Join me on Myspace, they also have a Millikan alumni page there as well:


There are clips from some of my projects there and you can check out the websites for the other films mentioned above:

"Awaken The Dead":  http://www.awakenthedeadthemovie.com/

"The Last Bad Neighborhood": http://www.nckfilms.com/

"Beneath The Mississippi": http://btm-themovie.com/

Hope everybody is doing well, wondering about a twenty fifth reunion next year???

Class of 1982

Lisa Wall Woodruff
I live in Huntington Beach CA
I own a hair salon In Seal Beach
I have been married since 1988
ANNOUNCEMENT: we are having a 25 yr reunion Sept 8th 2007
for more info contact me:


Class of 1981

William Perry
perryholdings@hotmail.com. I still live in Long Beach and I work as an IT Project Manager for Union Bank Of California. Am I the only one who had the biggest crush on Gail Beals, 10th grade english?

Kenneth Wayne Rippy
My name is Rodney Rippy brother of Millikan Grad Kenneth Wayne Rippy. Ken would would have graduated in 81 but in the family relocated to Greensboro, NC and Kenneth Wayne graduated there.
I am here in Los Angeles and I am checking in for Ken and he's wondering if there will be a reunion for his class. I'm also looking for one of Kenneth's old friends, she was a redhead by the name of Roxane Fairchild. Can you somehow forward my contact info and email on to her??? She was close to the family and Ken wanted to see how she was doing. Please let me know if there is any reunions/meetings scheduled.
Rodney Allen Rippy

Maiden name Laura Amey
Laura Banuelos
Newport Beach, CA
email: laurab@newtechresources.com

Jennifer (Johnson) Prewitt
E-Mail:     Jennie.Prewitt@QBEFIRST.com