A Unique Story - Football-Baseball-Millikan
From Jim Salmon Class of 1960

This past Friday (September 17, 2010) my  son Mike Salmon had his football jersey and number 24 retired from Greenway High School in Phoenix, Arizona. The stands were filled to capacity as my wife, Arlene, eldest son, Tim, sister, Julie, Ali (other 2 daughters out of state or country) were paraded to the 50 yard line for the ceremony that followed.  Not only had he set records for playing both sides of the ball there but went on to play all 4 years as a starter Free Safety, Strong Safety, or Cornerback at USC.  This was followed by the Buffalo Bills then the 49ers.

However, this was my second trip to Greenway High School for such ceremonies in 3 years because you see my eldest son, Tim Salmon (yes, Mr. Angel of the World Series Winning Los Angles Anaheim Angels) also had his high school number 15 retired.  I am fortunate beyond belief.

 Having two sons making it to the professional leagues is truly unique and part of the Millikan legacy.


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