1958-60 Photos from Arline Kaplan/60


1958-60 Photos from Arline Kaplan
Top L to R
1. Arline Kaplan and Sherry Jo Bell Kopp - From Diane (George) Rodecker '60
2. "KEEPING UP WITH THE WORLD - Three coeds sport paper hats to remind fellow students abour Anchor Club's Mad Hatters' Ball in girls' gym Jan.31. The girls are Donna Niebuhr, Gail Amers and Arline Kaplan."
3. The blonde is Terry Peart/60 - Diane (Yager-Lehner) Willeford/60
4. Barry Plott - from Bill Bewley/60 or Barry Plott or Rider Cooey? and Helen Dundas - from Jack Jakubik/60
5. The girl in the middle of picture 5 looks like Melanie Karr. The guy to the right of Melanie is Neal something or other. - Bill Bewley/60. The guy in plaid shirt is Neal Weinstein from class of 60.- Bill Locklin, '60
6. . Holding the U is Barbara Boylan (from Lawrence Welk fame, Barbara was on the Lawrence Welk Show for several years as a ballroom dancer. Her partner was Bobby Burgess - of Mouseketeer fame. They danced together as partners for many years). - Bill Locklin, '60, also thanks to Jack Jakubik/60, Diane (Yager-Lehner) Willeford/60 and Cliff Kennish/59.
7. Gary Miller/59 - Diane (Yager-Lehner) Willeford/60
8. Travis Monigomery - from Jack Jakubik/60

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