Life Long Friends
At Millikan, you're known by the friends you keep:

Here is a photo of our old gang taken the weekend of the Millikan Class of 1959/60  Reunion in Long Beach , 2009.  We have been friends for all those 50 years and we have managed to have a reunion of our gang every couple of years since 2004.  Everyone graduated Class of '59 except Linda (Cochran) Sayre, Class of '58.  Back row, Lynda (Bransford) Emery, Nancy (Foltz) Carey, Karen (Grimwood) Phillips. Front row, Linda (Cochran) Sayre, Diana (Davis) Skaggs


Linda Nelson Simms/58 and Marie Stevens Haskell/58 taken 1999. They've been best friends since before Millikan. Photo courtesy of Marty Hollingsworth/58


Richard Charlton/59 and Judy Cross Carroll/60 Live 5 doors down from each other in Irvine, California.

Paul Prosise/58 and Ed Smith/58 Play tennis or sea kayak about once a week. Photo 12/1/99


The grads starting in the right foreground and going counterclockwise are Steve Wallace/60, Ron Miller/60, Bill Rigas/60 and Carol (Madsen) Miller/60. Next to Carol is Bill's wife Sandi and next to Sandi is Steve's wife Bonnie. The picture was taken this year at Lake Arrowhead where we were celebrating our anniversaries which occur on three successive days. Steve, Ron and Bill have been friends since they were 13. Steve and Ron were college roommates at UC Berkeley.


The picture from left to right is: Bertha Butt Bucho/58, Cyndy Davis Jaynes/60, then Berts sister Gladys Butt McGlinchey/57, she was in the first graduation class of Millikan, we have been friends since I was in 9th grade which at that time we were also neighbors. We used to go to the canteen and play cards and dance. We are now all living in Orange County.


Blake Pressley (Class of 61), Leone Pressley (mom), Desmond Pressley (Class of 58), and Keith Pressley (Class of 58). Leone was a teacher at Cubberly Elementary. She will be 91 this year, and is in great health except for a little memory loss.


Darline (Ryther) Braz and Jeanne (Ferguson) Glass in Grans, France 1996


That's Trisha (Terry) Harter (class of '59) on the left and Joyce (Farlow) Galbreath (class of '60) on the right. Two life long friends clowning for the camera while attending another life long friend's wedding reception; Joanna (Dodworth) Oliver (class of "60). All of us live in the state of Washington.


Jim Hanchett '58 and Ed Smith '58 met on their first day of high school at Jordan in September of 1955. Both were new to Long Beach -- Ed from Oklahoma and Jim from Culver City. Neither knew anyone else in school. They discovered that they lived about a block apart on Hackett Street. They transferred to Millikan the following year when the school opened. They've been friends for 45 years now.



Our first meeting in the hotel lobby--Donna is on the left, I
am on the right.

Donna Maynard (now Martin) and Bonnie Gahry (now Powell--that's me) met in kindergarten in Lincoln Park, Michigan. Both of our families migrated to Long Beach (Bonnie in 1958, Donna in 1960). Donna and I both attended DeMille Jr. High and went on to Millikan and graduated together in 1965. Donna resides in Huntington Beach and I somehow have landed in Randolph, New Jersey. Donna and I have corresponded over the years and for the last several years have had a regular email correspondence. Last year I went to a
convention in San Diego. Donna and her husband drove down and we met in person for the first time in over 25 years! Needless to say, we talked the night away and it is one of the best memories I will ever have.


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