"Good Old Days"

Life Long Friends

At Millikan, you're known by the friends you keep:
Classmates who have stayed friends over the years.

Robert A. Millikan and Albert Einstein
Copyright California Institute of Technology

  Cars of the 50s

"The Pike"
Radio, TV, Movies and Rock and Roll of the 50s
Pacific Electric Red Car in Long Beach 

Candid Photos:
1956 "Millikan Students Save Cars, Homes in Fire"
1957 from Lance Skonberg/57
1957 from Marty Hollingsworth/58
1956-58 from Paul Prosise/58 (school photographer 56-58)
1957-58 from Paul Prosise/58 Group photo 2
1956-58 from Paul Prosise/58 3
1956-58 Basketball - from Paul Prosise/58 4
1957-58 from Paul Prosise/58 5
1958-60 from Arline Kaplan/60
1958-60 from Arlin Kaplan/60
1957-58 from Jim Hanchett/58
The CORYDON first beach party
with Topper Smith
Sue Arnold Simpson, Class of 1960
Bob Charlton, Class of 58
1957-58 Photos from Dave Griffin '59 - 1
Mr. Haddy's first photo class, Car Club, etc.
1957-58 Photos from Dave Griffin '59 -2
1957- '58 from Douglas Lucas '58 - 1
1957- '58 from Douglas Lucas '58 - 2
Leigh (Pankey) Burgess '59 - 1
Leigh (Pankey) Burgess '59 - 2
Photo from Cathy Spencer
New- Bob Nevins '66
Ramshack & Rock Band "Panic Inc"

Need more photos from the "Good Old Days"

Photos of Millikan Today:
Campus Before and After - 1958 - 1999

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