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Linda (Lhle) Quinlan

Linda (Lhle) Quinlan Class of 1958

Linda Passed away on June 16th 2013, from a sudden medical issue. 
From: Lorilyn Yarger-Craig, Class of 1978
Billy Ehmke Class of 58

Billie and his girlfriend were killed in a car accident on November 30, 1957 while in his senior year. .


Jim Hanchett '58
Ed Smith '58 informed me that Jim passed away on December 3 , 2004. He was living in Phoenix , Arizona and working as a software writer. See links for more information on Jim's life. He'll be greatly missed.

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Photos from Jim Hanchett

Priscilla (Heinemann) Schoenfeldt '58
Her Obituary
From her husband, Gary Schoenfeldt (Millikan HS Class of '59

This note is to inform you that Gerald L. Henson, class of 1958 passed away in the spring of 1999 from complications on set by diabetes and pneumonia. He served in the US Navy during Viet Nam on Mine Sweeps and Supply ships in the the South China Sea and the Delta. He is survived by a wife, son and daughter.
Just to let you know.
His brother James M. (Mike) Henson "59

[Information submitted by Sue (Moore) Williams and her husband Ron] George was my wife's older brother. My wife is Sue Moore, class of '59 George was born 17 Aug 1940 in West Virginia. Beside Sue he had a bother and another sister. Roger, born 1951, and Donna, born 1953. George was in the Air Force when Sue and I met in May 1959. He married in Great Falls, MT and had a son and a daughter. George Moore, class of '57 or '58, died in Tucson, AZ October 1996.
I can tell you that George was married to Donna Grove of Cascade, MT and had two children. They lived mostly in MT, and ranched for a while, then he sold real estate for a few years. Then they bought a Hotel and Casino in Livingston, MT for a couple of years, then sold and bought a Motel and Restaurant in Kalispell, MT. He and his wife divorced after the kids were in college and moved to AZ.. Donna, George's ex, still lives in MT. After the divorce he moved to Tucon where he became partners with one of his friends who lived there. They purchased and operated a large dog kennel where they raised and showed dogs. They had quite a few championship dogs and sold them often out of the country.
George had several medical problems prior to his death, including Diabetes, and Hemochromatosis which is a rare disease of the blood where the iron in the blood gets excessive and the only way it can be reduced is to "bleed" the patient. It gave George quite a bit of trouble after they found out what the problem was.
Georges' son's name is Brent, and his daughter is Shawn. Brent still lives in MT, and is a school teacher. Shawn lives in Tucson, AZ and raises and shows dogs along with working a job full time. Brent has a daughter.
Sue and George's parents are both living and are 87 and 80. Both are in good health for their ages. They have been married for 61 1/2 years now, and have lived in the same house for over 50 years.
 Lee Rivard Class of 1958
Lee Lundberg Rivard was born November 3, 1940, to Leland and Loretta Rivard in Long Beach, California.  He grew up and attended school in Long Beach.  He was an Eagle Scout, surfed and enjoyed hiking in the High Sierra.  He continued his secondary education at Long Beach City College and later at La Verne College.  Lee was an engineer for Aerojet/Olin Corporation until his retirement in 1996.

Lee married Sally Brookshire on June 16, 1962 and raised son Lee Jr. and daughter Laura in Huntington Beach, California.  Weekends were spent camping, backpacking and surfing at the beach.  He backpacked through the Grand Canyon and cycling around all the Hawaiian Islands. 

Lee’s death on April 13, 2007 following prostrate surgery was unexpected.  He wished to be cremated and have his ashes scattered in his two favorite places - California’s High Sierra and Hawaii.
(Information supplied by Liv Chambers.)
There is another I can tell you quite a bit about. That would be
Joyce died in 1962 or 3. She was married and had three children.
She was survived by her husband Al Friedman, 3 children, her parents, a brother Murray (Millikan '60) and a sister whose name escapes me now.
She had just had a DNC or is it a D&C (They scraped her uterus). In
those days they kept you in the hospital for 3 days. On the day she
was leaving the hospital, while she was packing, she had a blood clot
travel to her lung and it killed her. A real shocker!!

From:  Jack Sodikoff, graduated from Hamilton High in Los Angeles in 1956 and formerly Joyce Weinberg’s boyfriend from 1953 – 1958. Yesterday, March 6 was her birthday. She would have been 72. I hope I can close the book on her.
Joyce actually died on July 4, 1963 in Hacienda Heights, not in 1962 as Livvie has erred (which can be verified on her death certificate in Norwalk). Joyce’s younger sister, missing from her class obituary, is Roberta Weinberg Smith who last lived in Weschester, and may still living there. She would be 68 today and probably still living (check Robert Smith in Weschester).
Joyce’s mother, Anna Weinberg, told me they not only did Joyce have a D&C but also an appendectomy. It was allegedly through medical negligence (not administering anti-coagulant drug to thin her blood after using coagulant drugs to halt the bleeding after the appendectomy which brought about the fatal blood clot). Anna told me this back in 1982.
I’m currently the reunion coordinator for my high school alumni association which, from time to time, sadly has me report former Hamilton students that passed away. Also, my last connections with Joyce: I went to her grad night at the Long Beach Arena, my band, the Sounds of Burgundy, actually played her wedding to Al Friedman in 1958 and also played at the Millikan-Lakewood 25-year reunion at the Lakewood Country Club in 1983.
Do you have any contact with Livvie Chambers? If so please have her email me at Thank you.

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