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Passed May 2019
Jack Jakubik
E-mail address:

Occupation: Semiretired / Marketing Consultant

Message to Classmates: We grew up in the golden age. Our music is timeless and our cars are some of the most sought after collectibles. I'm proud to have been a part of that generation. Having met and worked with so many alumni during the reunion years, has been very rewarding for me. Our reunions are A living window of both past and present and I hope that "YOU" will be there so that I might say hello.

School Activities: Varsity Football, Varsity Track, Varsity Club Sgt. at Arms, Spanish Club Sec., Band, Letterman's Club, Senior Class Council, Inter-Club Council, Legislature. University of Maryland - Munich, CSULB '67, BA in Business Administration.

Life Update: Wife: Pat (Lakewood '62) 3 Children: Leigh Ann (St. Joseph '85 / CSUF '89), Bobby (St. John Bosco '88 / CSUF '93), Eddie (St. John Bosco '91 / CSUF '96). I sold my Sales & Marketing firm in '97 on a long-term buy out and moved to the Las Vegas area. I work a few days a month, but basically just have fun. I stay active with the American Legion and the Sheriffs' Association.

Hobbies/For Fun: Golf, Boating on Lake Mead, Broadcast Music, Videography, Travel, Gambling
Car: 1950 Pontiac, w/'57 Olds J2 engine, single 4 barrell carb, '51 Olds floor hydro, 16" Smitties & Olds Fiesta hub caps. Interior by Long Beach Naugahyde. See Photo at "Car of the 50s"

Military: U.S. Army Aviation - '61 to '64. Sargeant / Temporary Grade Warrant Officer. Rotary Wing Co-Pilot / Observer / Flight Inspector (JAFO), with tours in Europe and South East Asia. Sikorsky helicopter specialist.

Time Line Story
Posted: 11/99

David Weimer '60

David Lowell Weimer

David Lowell Weimer, age 70, cherished son of Lowell and Marion Weimer, died on March 7, 2013 in his home, after suffering with pancreatic cancer for three months. He was the Weimer's first-born and had all the characteristics and privileges of the eldest child. He graduated from Millikan HS in 1960 and went on to LBCC/BTD. In January 1965, he hired into Douglas Aircraft as a drill press operator, but soon became an electrical planner and that's how it was for the next 37 years. He married his high school sweetheart, Diane Wasley on March 26, 1965. Married 47 years, they raised two fine sons, Stephen and Kurt. David was well read and his interests were wide spread. He could speak on many topics. He was kind and such a good listener. David was a "maker". He crafted 3-masted ship models, restored a '75 CJ5 Jeep, and finally completed the ultimate task, a 700 square foot family room off the back of our home. As a "can do guy, he was confident in his abilities. He could fix anything! Survived by his wife, Diane, his sons Stephen (Robin) and Kurt (Nakiesha) and his grandson, Padraic, siblings Darrel, sister-in-law (Sally Weimer Aquino), Claudia, Paul (Amy), his brother-in-law Stephen (Cindy) and sister-in-law, Sue Fairley (Joel).

His best friend, Jack Terry Johnson, class of '60 died Mar. 23, 2012.

Diane Weimer
Posted: 10.27.13

  Sherry Jo (Bell) Kopp   

My good friend  and co chairman of the class of 60 reunion Sherry Jo (Bell) Kopp, passed away February 28, 2010.  She had been successfully fighting breast cancer when she contracted pneumonia.  It must have been a powerful pneumonia to take our Sherry.  She was a fighter.  She had planned on retiring and traveling.  She leaves 3 sons, John, and twins Danny and David.  She also leaves several sisters and a brother.
We will miss her greatly.
Diane (Yager-Lehner) Willeford '60
Posted 3.6.10

I was extremely sad to read about the death of Sherry Bell, class of 60.  I first met her in 5th grade at Carver.  I was new in town, and didn't know anyone, but she was friendly to me.  During that year I had to miss some school for surgery and she was kind enough to come to my house and visit during my recuperation.
Sorry to hear of her passing.
Bill Locklin, '60



Died while awaiting a liver transplant in August 1990



Linda died in a car accident in 1960

Joel R.Camrin
Class of 1960 R.A.Millikan passed away 1/l996 in Long Beach,Ca. from Cancer. He worked for the City of LongBeach at the Long Beach Marina for many years. leaves behind two children who also
graduated from Millikan. and one sister alumni of Millikan.


From Judy Snodgrass- I received a card from Sandy (Farris) Chilcote with the sad news that John Chilcote died 1/1/01. John had a massive heart attack on New Year's Day. John was with the Highway Patrol for 27 years and after retiring 4 years ago he and Sandy retired to Foresthill, CA., where John became a staff photographer for the local newspaper. Both Sandy and John were Class of 1960 alumni.


My sister Cynthia (Davis) Jaynes graduated from Millikan in the class of 1960.

Cyndy, died on October 9, 2007 in Prescott AZ.  She worked for Boeing Aircraft for many years when it was Rockwell, then Douglas and finally Boeing.  She had two daughters, 3 grandchildren, and 4 great grandchildren.  She retired early from Boeing and moved to Prescott where she had a wonderful retirement for several years, she was diagnosed with cancer which she fought for 5 years. 
From: Linda Wade 6-9-12

Died in 1959 in his junior year.


From Judy Snodgrass- I received a card from Larry Osborne, whose wife Linda (Lake) Osborne passed away on January 11th. Linda died in Tijuana while under going treatment for a type of blood cancer. She had been having these treatments
since last May and looked like she was winning her battle when her body started rejecting the last 2 transfusions. Linda was a Class of 1960 alumni and had been married to Larry 34 years.


Robert L. Lakin 
 passed away October 12, 2005, I am his ex-wife Sue we have one son.  He was remarried and had a daughter.  I still live in Long Beach went to Wilson High School class of 1960.
From Sue Zimmerman 4.26.10

Classmates we will miss
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This is from Judy Snodgrass

Those we love stay with us,
for love itself lives on.
And cherished memories never fade
because a loved ones gone.
Those we love can never be
more than a world apart,
for as long as there are memories
they'll live on in the heart.

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