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LaRona(McBride)Speckmeyer has been deceased since February 08-2013.
From: Fred Speckmeyer

Went on to Stanford, then to Cornell for a PhD in Environmental
Engineering. He was on the faculty at UCLA and then Cal Berkeley when he died in about 1979 or 1980. If anyone has more information please let me know.
Click to see page dedicated to Rick Scherer  in 1961 Aries



  Gary Lemmerman, class of 1961
 My name is Ann-Marie Lemmerman and I would like to have my parents information included on the web site.
My mom is Pearl (Sumner) Lemmerman, class of 1960, and my dad is Gary Lemmerman, class of 1961. They were married in December of 1961 and have five children and 8 grandchildren. My father passed away in April 1990 from cancer.

Ann-Marie Lemmerman

 Tom Martinez, Class of 1961
B football, All-City Player of the Year
From: Doyle Flock Posted 3.6.10 

Tommy Martinez '61 passed away this weekend. Several of us met in Ketchum Idaho last 4th of July. These are a few pictures. We will miss him dearly.

From Joseph A Goldberg


    Bob "Stoney" Livingstone, as a senior in 1961 and 25 years later at the reunion.  Bob died September 10, 1987.
From his wife Jeri Livingstone


Walt Hoffman died on July 19, 2010.  I am sad to ask that you place him on this page along with his lifelong friends, Tomy Martinez and my Bob.

Another close friend of Bob, Walt and Tomy Martinez was Jerry Bell (1961) who died in a private plane crash returning from Mexico in December of 1976.  This picture was just shared with me today (it belongs to his good friend Carol Worthen Oberst.)  I am wondering if is too blurry to add to your 1961 page.  Jerry is the one on the right with the beard.  This was taken in November 73, 3 years before his death.  Jerry was a great guy and his death was a tremendous loss to his friends and family.
Use if if you can; it's your call.  And credit Carol, not me, for sharing it.
Jeri Livingstone

From: Jeri Livingstone
8.8.10 & 1.27.11

Marvin Zillgitt '61

"Marvin Zillgitt died very tragically early in  life,  he was only 27 I believe.  He was also on the Football team in "61".  He had been my boyfriend.
Jerry Bell
also class of "61" died tragically in a plane crash when he was in his twenty's.

   Jo Ann Edwards died too early still in her teens.  She was a close friend.

Walt Hoffman from Lakewood High "61" passed away last few months ago.
Sorry to be the deliver of bad news, but these kids need to be remembered:("
From: Kathy Rusk '61


Webmaster Note: This list is open to all Millikan classmates, but I only have yearbook photos for '57, '58 and '59.

IF you have any information regarding a student who graduated from Robert A. Millikan between the years 1957 to the present please send a copy of that information to Paul at: Click Here to Send Email to Paul

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