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John Cameron
I suffered a tremendous loss roughly four years ago when my friend and fellow ’62 grad John Cameron passed away in Vero Beach.  We were corresponding regularly when I got the news from one of his daughters.  What an understated, great guy.

Bob Riggins  '62
Posted 16 Mar 2018

  Jay Hanna
Jay Hanna '02

March 8, 2003, Jay passed away peacefully while resting in his favorite chair. The doctors say that his heart just stopped.

Time Line Story
by Jay Hanna
Jay Hanna Class of 1962
Also see Vets page

updated 7.26.09 (Class photo from Doyle Flock Class of 1963)

Dennis Eugene Vander Goore
class of 1962 passed away on July 30, 2007, after declining health from a stroke.
From: Don Poss 
Posted 8.23.08 - updated 7.26.09 (Class photo from Doyle Flock Class of 1963)

Glenn Stone      

Glenn Stone (later Glenn Uloth), Millikan class of 62,  died 26 August 2008 at age 63.  Glenn was born in Boston but came
to California with his family when he was just a tiny boy.  He contracted polio whe he was 3,  and those of you who remember him know that he still walked with a pronounced limp.  He was always cheerful and fun loving and had a great smile.  A couple of years after high school he back packed through Europe with a couple of friends and had an adventurous and enjoyable time.  Looking like "hippies"  they narrowly escaped a murder charge by luckily having their train ticket stubs to prove their whereabouts.

By occupation Glenn has been a salesman, starting with shoes (Zodis) and later wood blinds, and finally
commercial overhead doors.

Glenn has a son James Uloth (wife Sherry) of Meridian Idaho, and two grandchildren, Ashley and Noah.
Glenn relocated to Idaho to be with Jimmy and his family in 2005.

Glenn is also survived and greatly missed  by his brothers Russell  Uloth (Wilson Class of 56 or 57),  John (Mike) Stone (Fountain Valley '71)
and older sisters Jessie Hatfield and Evelyn Hopkins, and various neices and nephews.

We all miss his kind heart and loving nature.

Submitted by neice  Cathy Hatfield
Posted 7.19.09 - updated 7.26.09 (Class photo from Doyle Flock Class of 1963)

Here is a photo from about 1974.  Her daughters are now grown, each with two kids of their own. I wish she could have known her beautiful grandchildren.

Sharon Smith
 Would like to let 1962 graduates know that my sister, Sharon Smith (class of ‘62)
passed away almost 30 years ago. She was a writer, editor, bright and loving woman. Mother of 4.
She loved life, died way too young at 39 of breast cancer.
Thank you,
Laura Smith-Black - Class of '72
Posted 5.24.12

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