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    Ken Manning class of 63 at Millikan died from a blood clot to the lungs on 10/23/06.  He lived in Dallas and was happily married with two grown children and two step-children.  Ken worked for Texas Electric for 40 years and was planning on retiring soon.  This was a very sudden illness and clot which happened in ICU.  Ken will be missed by everyone who knew him.  I personally have lost a wonderful brother and miss him very much. 

 Steve Manning
Yukon, Oklahoma

   My sister Marianne Tisdall 1963 graduate died in Vancouver, Washington Oct 1, 2006, leaving behind six children and numerous grandchildredn.
Posted 10/08/07

    David L Nypower(#52) passed away on April 1, 2005.  I was his wife of 33 years and David and I had 5 children and 4 grandchildren.
David worked as a therapist for troubled youth and was tragically killed in an auto accident returning home from getting two teens to a treatment facility.  Before his death, he helped hundreds of kids turn their lives around and helped mend many families.
David spoke often of his memories of Milliken High and the faculty and students there.  He enjoyed his days playing on the basketball team.  He spoke of favorite teachers that encouraged him.
David is greatly missed by his family and many friends.  He was a man that made a great impact on many lives.  I send my thanks for helping to create the wonderful man that I was married to.

 Thank you.
Tess Nypower 
Posted 7.8.08 - updated 7.26.09 (Class photo from Doyle Flock Class of 1963)

Bonita Long passed a few years ago and I can get you the year.  We were close in college and remained friends since.F

From: Sally Gray Clausen

Jim Marskell class of '63
From: David Marskell


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