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Wayne Klose; KIA 1966, Viet Nam, class of ‘65.
Posted 1.18.16 Gary Owen

Special thanks to Sondra McDowell Whitlow Class of 1965 for providing most of the list below from the Millikan 50th 2015 reunion information.

Baggarley, Raymond W.

Barrett Dedman, Mikel, Passed December 23, 1968

Bolton, Jock

Bradfield Willey, Teresa, Passed 2009

Chadwick, Barbara, Passed June 2014

Cole Engeman, Sandra G., Passed January 17, 2011

Courdy Wren, Charlotte M., Passed July 31, 2005

Dolan, Vic...Dont know the date. From: BAJALOUS 9-15-2015

Donovan Windham, Kathryn A., November 25, 2006

Steve Class of 1965. Steve passed on June 4, 2019 and left behind 5 children.
From:Mike Lichty 1965

Ferrette Finken, Gail, Passed April 4, 2011

Florian, Gene

Forrester, Bill (Probable)

Fuhr, Stanley, Passed 2003

Gary Gallagher, Gary a 65 grad passed away in 1993. A good friend
From:Michael Keehen

Goodrich, Michael Stephen, June 1947 - March 2015

Michael Stephen Goodrich, beloved husband of Harlene Goodrich, passed away suddenly
on March 8 of cardiac arrest. The couple, Seal Beach residents for 33 years, are active
in the 1st United Methodist Church of Seal Beach. Michael was also a member of the Lions.

He served in Vietnam as a Navy journalist. He taught Middle School for 30 years where he
was acknowledged and loved by students & teachers alike. He was a man of many talents and
had a taste for adventure.

Gould Aplin, Susan D., Passed 2004

Grimsley, Ralph C., Passed May 7, 2005

Hanson, Richard X., November 25, 2008

Born January 7, 1948.  After graduation from Millikan in 
1965, Rich did his undergraduate and graduate work at UCLA, and earned
a Ph.D. in Economics there.  He taught college-level economics and
also served as an expert witness on the subject.  Rich died
suddenly on November 25, 2008, in Wilmington, Delaware.  He was
survived by his wife Paulette, his sisters Christine and Janet, three
daughters, and three grandchildren.
Gary Ashcraft, MHS '65

Hansen,Jane passed away 12 August 2013, Laguna Hills, California. From: Marlo Thomas 9-15-2015

Hirschi, Jeana Kristine (Kris Hirschi) passed away 18 July 1984 From: Marlo Thomas 9-15-2015

Hudson, Linda

Infelise Carlson, Joroselyn "Jo", August 7, 1993

Rich Jameson passed away recently. I have not confirmed this but believe the sources.
Sincerely, Mike Lichty, Class of 65
Posted 10/19/18

Jenkins Johansen, Eileen E., Passed August 12, 1998

Jones, Brian

Kessler Wasco, Karen, Passed March 10, 1995

La Rue, Peggy

Henry Class of 65 - 6/2020
A friend to all who knew him.
Posted 7/18/20
From: Michael Keehen

Lovelace, Bill

Innes Marland Innes Marland
Former neighbor until 8th grade, Innes Marland, was killed in Viet Nam.  I don't have any information about when,
but I saw his name on the Viet Nam Memorial wall in Washington D.C.
From: David Elliott

From the web site: CASUALTY CIRCUMSTANCES - Marland experienced a traumatic event which resulted
in loss of life on February 8, 1968. Recorded circumstances attributed to: "Died through hostile action, artillery rocket mortar".
Incident location: South Vietnam, Quang Ngai province.

(Maull)Pearson Christy Millikan Class of 1965. Also graduate of Brigham Young University, Provo, Utah 1969
DOB 12 June 1947
DOD 16 February 2009
Age 61
Cause of death amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS or Lou Gehrig's Disease)
Residence - Long Beach, California
Survived by 3 children Colin (Duan) of Phoenix, Arizona, Brendan (Elizabeth) of Independence, Missouri, and Lindsay of Long Beach.
Also sister Kathy (Maull) Wing of Belfair, WA.

submitted by: Kathy Maull Wing, class of 1967

McDivitt Springer, Bonnie

McKeever, James F., Passed July 9, 2011

Moody, Bruce A., 2014

Moyer Whitteron, Janet

Nameth, Phillip E., Passed August 29, 2011

Born December 6, 1946.  Phil transferred from Jordan H.S. in 1963,
and graduated with the Millikan class of 1965.  He later graduated
from Long Beach City College, UCLA, and University of San Diego Law
School. He practiced criminal-defense law in Los Angeles County until
shortly before his death from cancer, August 29, 2011.  Phil was
survived by his brother Fred, his wife Lauren, and two daughters.

North, Terry, Passed 1988

Randolph, John Robert
My father, John Robert Randolph, passed on 12/20/1989.
After high school he joined the Army & served 3 or 4 tours in Vietnam. He retired from the Army after 25 years.
He had one child born in 1974.
He lived in Ventura, CA from 1978 to 1989, when he was killed by a drunk driver, who was driving the wrong way on the freeway.
From:  Darcy Randolph

Spinosa, Steven C., Passed May 26, 2015

Johb Stevens Stevens,John. Died in helicopter crash while serving in VietNam in late 1965 or early 1966.

Limited information
from Mike Lichty, class of '65.
Posted 10/23/18

Swetnam, Scott V., Passed August 30, 1983

Tackett Gilmore, Patricia

Vandemoortel Clark, Judy, Passed January 11, 2015

Vincent Mowery, Helen, Passed September 7, 2000

Warren Weldon was a 65 grad. He passed away in 2010
From:Michael Keehen

Williams, Larry D., Passed February 20, 1991


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