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Francis C. "Rusty" Brockman III, Class of 1966, was a member of the U.S. Army in Vietnam when he was killed in action on May 25, 1972.   

From: Gary Ashcraft (Class of 1965)
Posted 4.27.11

Frankie Crow Class of 1966
Frankie passed away in 1977 & he has a daughter who is looking for any informtion about her dad. She unfortunately did not get to know him before he died.  If you have any pictures, stories, etc about Frankie, she would be so grateful.

Betty Weatherford
Posted 3.25.11

Steve Dolim was killed in Vietnam, June 6, 1968.  Steve was in airborne B Battery, 2nd Battalion, 19th Artillery, First Cavalry Division, US Army with Ron Eisenhour, Tom Payne and Bill Matthies, also 1966 Millikan High School graduates..
From: William Matthies email:
Posted 8.23.08

Virginia (Ginger) Ingraham. She passed away 2/27/87.
From: Sheri Douglas

Leslie James Prince, class of 1966. Les was a police officer for the City of Huntington Beach. A drunk driver hit him while he was on duty on 11-16-1974. He died, without regaining consciousness, on December 1, 1974. Left a wife, Lynda, and son, Michael Lawrence Prince.
Donna Rae Prince, now Donna Prince Levi

Fred C. Rohloff Jr  Class of 1966 passed away Feb 25, 2006.
Due to a  massive heart attack. Leaving behind the long time Love of his life, Mary Lynn Dawes.
From: His sister Nena Wilkinson

*    *    *    *    *

P.S. I’m Dead
by Thomas Rubick

This to let you know I died of brain cancer on July 19. Really.  I was diagnosed in June, 2008, and have
been having an interesting relationship (not one of those heroic battles) with it since. But finally the
cancer won and I died, and because cancers are incredibly stupid, so did it. (Note to scientists: work on a
smarter cancer with a broader understanding of the implications of its actions.)
Since i wrote this before I died, I don’t know the details but I’m sure my death was inspiring, noble, and
loving - or not. I really don’t know. Nor does it matter once you’re dead, I suspect.
I’m sorry to have left those who loved me so well my whole life: my wife Jeanne Maasch of Eugene; my
sister Paulette Johnson of Ventura, California; my mother Patricia Craighead of Oxnard, California, and
my truly wonderful children (Jade Rubick, Cody Rubick and Emilie Lamson) and delightful grandchildren
(Tony, Sasha, Vivi, and Tina)—all of whom live in Portland. I love them beyond words and wish them
the best. I also have a half-brother, Monte Rubick, in Lake Forest, California.
I was also blessed with beautiful and loving friends. more, I realized through this process, than I truly
realized. In fact, there was much that I learned and I feel blessed. I have had a wonderful life. I wish you
the same.
P.S. In case it’s mandatory to include the facts: I was born to Patricia and Tony Rubick on March 16, 1948
in Long Beach, California. I received a B.A. from California State University in Long Beach and a M.A. from
Kent State University. My first wife and the mother of my sons is Donna Sires in Portland. I married
Jeanne Maasch in 1989. I lived in Eugene since 1977 and was co-founder of Rubick & Funk Graphic
Design. I taught as an adjunct at the University of Oregon for five years and in the Art Department at
Lane Community College for 21. That’s about it.

My brother, Thomas Rubick, class of l966, passed away on July 19th.  I'm attaching his self-obit.  If you could attach it I would love that.  I think people will really recognize who he was and how funny and sweet he was.
People can contact me at :
Paulette Rubick Johnson

George "Bud" Wilcox, Class of 66, passed away August 2000, he had, at one time been married to Laura Minnehan (66).


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