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Mike Barnhart class of 1970 passed away August 31, 2008 from brain cancer. The attachment is from the press telegram web page.
Great guy and will be missed.
Rick Johnson - Posted 10.4.08

Kieth Cagan Class of 1970 -  Cagan, 55, a health teacher at Wilson for about a dozen years, died Jan. 7 2009 from cardiac arrest following a December 2006 leg injury and lengthy illness.

Apart from a health teacher, Cagan also had been Wilson's athletic trainer and founded the student athletic training club.

Cagan was born and raised in Long Beach. He attended Patrick Henry Elementary, John Marshall Junior High and Millikan High School, where he graduated in 1970.
From: Paul Prosise '58 - Posted 8.18.09

Catherine Fuller, My sister passed away December 2006, from Lymphoma.
From: Glenda Dugan - Posted 11.19.17

Roberta Ingraham, passed away 5/7/07
From: Sheri Douglas

Lorne McKelvie class of 1970 passed away in 2002 during elective surgery.
Great guy and will be missed.
Rick Johnson - Posted 10.4.08

Alan Brent Porter, ('70)....... probably early '95, possibly late '94
Email From:

David Reller Class of 1970
Died in 1983 of a hunting accident in central California.
  Posted - Feb. 25, 03

Mark Schlesselman Class of 1970
From: Mark L. Reithmaier
Posted - 7.14.15 

Vince Strittmatter
My name is Terri Leslie, formerly  "Strittmatter".  I was married to "Vince Strittmatter"; he was a graduate of "Millikan  High School" class of 1970.  Vince has been gone now for almost eight years.  He passed away on November 19, 2002, in Seattle, WA. at the age of 50.  Vince had a "brain tumor".  He was a very bright, talented, wonderful man.  I miss him greatly.  Sorry for the bad news but wanted to let his remaining class mates know why he did not show up at the 40th reunion.   Sincerely, Terri Leslie
Posted 6.15.10

Patti Lundeen Zimmerman
Killed by a drunk driver September, 2005
Long Beach, California

From: Kay Jones Thomas

Webmaster Note: This list is open to all Millikan classmates, but I only have yearbook photos for '57, '58, '59, and '60.

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