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From: Debbie Kuchta
Posted 3.20.11
Hi – I noticed you had no names for 1971 class of deceased.  I worked on our 20th & 30th reunion and can help you and have listed names below:

Karen Anderson

David Ater
He died on Jan 2, 2013 in Palm Springs, California
Info from: Doug Isaacs
Posted 7.7.19

Leslie Ballou

Carole Buckingham

Alice Clemmer

Thomas Danaher

Cathy Danduran

Wylie Day

Regina Ewaskey

Walter Goodwin Jr., 1971
My uncle, Walt or, "Goody", as some called him, passed away Feb. 19, 2013 from lung cancer.
From: Lorraine Goodwin
Posted 10.9.16

Nancy Halk Brown

Brian Hoff

Mike Holleran

David Karp

Ebra Kolbo

Michael Larson

John Lund

Scott McKee, class of ’71, p
assed away on 22nd or 23rd October, 2018 after suffering a massive stroke.

Gary Mendizza
I graduated from Millikan in 1971 (Nancy Seek) along with Gary Mendizza. We were high school sweethearts and married in November 1971. We have four children. Gary died in Modesto, Ca in 1989 from a Glioblastoma, a cancerous brain tumor.
From: Nancy Seek Mendizza Souza
Posted 8.8.16

Russell F Morrill
was born on September 29, 1953 and died on September 06, 2006 at the age of 52. Russell last resided in Sylmar, California in Los Angeles County.
From: Douglas Isaacs
Posted 2.3.15

Pamela Patterson

Sue Redpath

Nancy Rhodes

Richard Rolnick – Our President

Helen Rush
- passed away within the last five years.  She had been living in Anaheim, CA
From: Martha McClelland
Posted 2.14,19

Rob Shipman - passed away on 4/15/2011
From: John Michael Shipman
Posted 4.30.11

Kevin Skeith

Doug Smith

Jorge Sturich

Randy Szijarto

John Vreeland

Dana White

Barry Williams


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