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You can add my little brother's name (William Grant Fraser, Class of '73) to the list of the deceased. Bill died on December 5, 1975. He was on the football team and Thadus (however you spell the name of that club), and was well known at Millikan.

Bill Fraser was a phenomenal athlete and somewhat of a daredevil who joined the Army after graduating from Millikan. Even though he had very little experience with skiing, he joined the Army ski rescue team and was assigned to Germany. Unfortunately, Bill chose to climb up to Hitler's Eagle's Nest at a time of year when the snow-covered mountain was off-limits. Wearing only tennis shoes, he made it to the top and took a roll of photos, but slipped and fell to his death on the way down.

Anyone who graduated from Millikan in 1973 probably knows about this.

FYI: My uncle is another William ("Bun") Fraser and was the "winningest" basketball coach in school history at Wilson High School
and LBCC.

Robert Fraser

Jack Hinton – Millikan Alum – Class of 1973
Passed  – February 2010

 Jack Hinton was a 2009 Long Beach City College Hall of Fame Inductee.  Jack Hinton made his presence be known in just one season at LBCC in 1980 on the men’s volleyball team. After a year at Brigham Young University, Hinton returned to Long Beach to lead the Vikings to conference and state championships. Hinton was named conference most valuable player, first-team all-state, as well as state player of the year. In 1980 he was a member of the USA national team before returning to play at BYU again in 1981. During the next 15 years, Hinton was on top of the volleyball world playing in the U.S. and Europe. Hinton was a player on eight United State Volleyball Association (USVBA) national championship teams and was a 14-time USVBA All-American. He also won four indoor co-ed USVBA national championships. From 1983-1994, he played professionally in Switzerland and Belgium. He competed on three Swiss national teams and twice won the Swiss Cup national championship. During his career, Hinton won over 40 beach/outdoor tournaments.

From: Susan W. Guebely
Posted 4.7.11


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