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Christopher Ander died of complications from HIV/AIDS on Sept. 04, 1992, he was 31 years old.
From: Mike Ander

Joe Blood, please add my twin brother Joe Blood who past away from aids in 1993. Class of 1979.
From: John Blood
Posted 6.1.14

David Bratton
, class of 1979, died in April,1980 as a result of a car accident.
From: Lisa (Bratton) Santana, class of 1975
email: "Lisa Santana" <lisa@bataviastrings.com>

Jeffery Clysdale, class of 1979.  Jeffery was born to Jack and Mary Clysdale on October 20, 1961, married Kate Thaete in 1997. Jeffery moved to Idaho and worked for Eureka Construction and Mountain Gas for 31 years.
From: Mark Reithmaier Posted 7.13.17

Andy Georgas, class of 1979 died suddenly of a heart attack on Nov. 8, 2013. A great guy who will be missed by so many.
From: Dan Krull

Tammy keith who graduated in 1979 died from complications of an infection.
Tammy Banhedy also graduated in 1979 died in an car accident

Don Kirsnis died of a heart attack in Aug. 2013 (class of '79)
From: Dan Krull

I know of a few others from the class of '79 who have passed:
Mike Privette-Motorcycle accident
Randy Mylnar
Denise Bohack-car accident
From: Dan Krull

Below posted 9/30/19
From: Dan
Perry Moore
Mike Buckles
Steve Bos
Mark Potratz
Bill Emmerick
Karen Dwerlkotte
Jeff Callard
Greg Sontag
Michelle Blain
Pam Conlisk
Leann McCormick
Gloria Berkenwald
Eric Anderson
Al Zimmerman
Kelly Sapp
Darrell Schmidt
Mark Fuguay
Charles Stout
Diana Rudd
Chris Foelber
Pete Olsson
Jamie Yamasaki
Glen Redmond
Kim Jaekal
Chad Howard
Colleen Berry
Sheryl Wright
Chuck Gill

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