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 Steve Stagnero. He was a star athelete and scholar who passed away due to a fluke incident where he jumped out of the car he was riding in with friends and suffered a
concussion. After 3 days, his condition worsened and he died 10 min. after a surgery was completed. I have the news paper article from the Long Beach Press Telegram concerning the accident if you would care for a copy. He died July 22, 1983. Just one month after our graduation.
From: Julie Snow class of 1983

 Heather Lee. She passed away some time before our 10 year reunion (1993) from breast cancer.
From: Julie Snow class of 1983





Webmaster Note: This list is open to all Millikan classmates, but I only have yearbook photos for '57, '58, '59, and '60.

IF you have any information regarding a student who graduated from Robert A. Millikan between the years 1957 to the present please send a copy of that information to Paul at: Click Here to Send Email to Paul

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