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Freddy Carter Band at the Majestic Ballroom
Regarding the history of the Majestic Ballroom, does anyone have any photos or info on the resident band of Freddy Carter?  His band was resident at the Majestic in the 1920's and did at least three recordings, two on the Hollywood-Sunset label and one on a earlier local label ( California circa 1924 ).
photo of Freddy Carter on the Lido-Majestic Ballroom page
If you can help with more information, please e-mail the PikeWebmaster at: pikelb@yahoo.com
and I will forward your email.

Pike Shooting Gallery: From Pike Personnel page

My name is Debra smith. My brother Donald and I never met our father, or at least not at an age where we would have remembered him. His name was Cecil Smith, and our mother’s name was Wanda Hurst at that time. She had left home in Arizona and moved to Long Beach in the early fifties, and, according to my birth certificate, he worked at The Pike, managing the shooting gallery and was born in 1929 in Kernville, CA. I was conceived in 1953, probably at the Pike, and born in April 1954. My brother was born in 1955. The story we were told was that our dad was already married, with 2 children. Sometime after Don was born he died in an auto accident. At least that’s what we were told. I’ve found no evidence of that. I remember mom taking me to the Pike when I was about 4 or 5. Someone she knew commented on how closely I resembled my dad. Having no idea at the time that my current dad was actually my step dad, I thought the comment odd, even at that age, because I looked nothing like pop. Don and I know we have half siblings out there somewhere and would like to meet some people who look like us. Plus, we’ve never even seen a picture of our dad. If any of this rings a bell with anyone reading this, you can email me at therocket1954@hotmail.com.

: From Pike Personnel page

My great uncle, John Shouse was the "Stone man" in 1968.  Spectators would come see him at The Pike.   Do you have any information on him?  I would like to pass this information to my daughter.  Uncle John passes away over 40 years ago.  I have a few articles from newspapers in 1968 with information that he was there during this time.
If you can help with more information
, please e-mail the PikeWebmaster at: pikelb@yahoo.com
and I will forward your email to Cathy.

   1st Reply to " THE STONE MAN"

I went to the Pike only once, August 4th, 1959 (or 1958?).  It was my 9th or 10th birthday.  My cousin (12 y.o.) and I went into a building or tent and saw photos of the person before going into a place where he was lying on a table.  We were encouraged to touch his skin, but I don't recall if it was the man on the table or the person who enticed us into the venue who was telling us to do this.  I remember his skin as being pale with  brown discolorations and I think I did touch his arm which was very hard and cool to the touch.  The reason I have remembered this is because I felt sadness about a person being on display because of a disease or disability.  Years later I recollected this when viewing The Elephant Man for the first time.
Maybe this encounter influenced my life as I became a nurse and adopted four children with disabilities.
I hope this helps you in some way.
May God bless him in eternal rest and peace.
Posted 8-10-16

WWI Memorial at The Pike?

We are assembling an inventory of all WWI memorials and monuments in the US, and I'm having a hard time figuring out what happened to the American Legion Victory Fountain erected on the north end of the Pike in 1926. 

I found an article in the Long Beach Independent from 1941 that discussed the possibility of moving the fountain to the south side of Memorial Auditorium, but I lose the trail after that (and don't know if the fountain was ever moved there).  I'd be grateful for any help/clues.


Mark Levitch, PhD, World War I Memorial Inventory Project

Please email the PikeWebmaster at: pikelb@yahoo.com

*     *     *

Pike Artifact - Aluminum Seahorse. 
It's pretty big given the measurements of 47" long and 33" wide, and I thought it was a decoration more likely than something one can ride on directly since there are no handles or seats, etc. just two holes at the top - which could mean nothing too.  Originally this may have been painted.  Any information would be helpful - part of a ride, decoration?

Please email the PikeWebmaster at: pikelb@yahoo.com

*    *    *

I lived in Long Beach in 1982 and while I was there I used to go to an amazing arcade that was vintage du jour. Across the street from the
arcade there were two bars, I believe the name of one was 'The Saratoga'. Could you please tell me if this was the arcade that was part of 'The Pike' amusement park and if the name of the bar was actually 'The Saratoga'?

On the Pike website you wanted to know about the bar across from the
Arcade...if it was the Arcade next to the arched entranceway to the Pike: that was
called Playland..and a bar across from it was: "Hollywood on the Pike"..I
don't know if any of that remained open in 1982 as the Pike mostly closed in
1979 ...the bar was owned by one of my classmate's father..

I believe the name of the bar was "The Saratoga"?

Please email the PikeWebmaster at: pikelb@yahoo.com

*    *    *

Bumper Cars: From Pike Personnel page

I'm Kathy Edwards, my brother Tim Edwards has written asking if anyone might have a picture of our Father, Ted Edwards. He passed away when I was 4 years old so don't remember a lot about him and do know because a family friend named Bill Fanny (hope I have his last name spelled right) passed away in the late 80's. I called him Uncle Bill - they both worked the Pike - my Dad worked on the Bumper cars. Our Mother's name is Jane Edwards and she hung out there a lot with Bill and other people who worked around. I was only 10 when the Pike started closing down. It was a sad down there because I can remember running around down there and the pink Elephant I climbed up inside one time trying to hide from my Mom. There are so many great memories of the Pike. I hope someone might be able to help with just one picture of our Father. Again, he worked the Bumper cars until he passed away in the 70’s.

Thank you.
And to the best memories of the Pike.

If you have a picture of Kathy's father, please email the PikeWebmaster at: pikelb@yahoo.com

and I will forward your email to Kathy.

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