Hawaii school needs help hosting Marines who recently returned from Iraq with a Memorial Day luncheon

A McKinley High School teacher and her students will hold a Memorial Day Luncheon to welcome back the Kaneohe Marines who recently returned from Iraq.

"They were the ones who were fighting in Fallujah, which was very tragic," she said. The battle for Fallujah, a rebel stronghold, involved weeks of bloody urban combat.
The Kaneohe Marines also lost 27 men when a helicopter crashed in January, the deadliest incident for Marines since the 1983 bombing of Marine barracks in Beirut, Lebanon."

She is asking for donations from the public to cover the 175 to 400 meals for the soldiers and their immediate families who may attend.

You can go to the Honolulu Star Bulletin's web site at
to learn more about this and how you can donate to this cause.

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