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Jim Hoard Class of 1957
Eva R (Beeler) McCollum 1957
Paul Prosise Class of 1958
Mike Stevens Class of 1958
Rick Gonser Class of 1959
Clifford Kennish '59
Bob Shelley Class of 1959
Ray Wyatt Class of 1959
Glenn Crowder Class of 1960
Patrick J. Haney Class of 1960
Jack Jakubik Class of 1960
Gary May Class of 1960

Michael Trapani  Class of 1960
Bruce Carlton Class of 1961
Tom Frost class of 1961
David E. Corrasa Class of 1961
William (Bill) Guertin Class of 1961
Gerald (Gerry) Guess Class of 1961
David DiStefano Class of 1962
Jay K. Hanna Class of 1962

Tom Maynard Class of 1962

Ted Rogers Class of 1962
John Theisen Class of 1962
Harry J. Dirks, Ph.D. Class of 1963
Steve Garbe Class 1964
Bill Harkness Class 1964
James M. Hoover (Jim)  Class of 1964
Mike McConahay Class of 1964
Donald (Don) B. Nobles Class of 1964
Jerry D. Poss Class of 1964
Regis Herlehy, Class of 1964
Larry Ford Class of 1964
H Hedrick Palmer Class of 1964

Harold Timboe Class of 1964

Bill Rumble Class of 1964
Steve Hinkle , Class of 1965
Larry Huddleston Class of 196
Innes Marland Class iof 1965
Stevens, John Class of 1965

Todd Kline Class of 1965
Wayne Klose Class of 1965
Chuck Werner  Class of 1965
John Robert Randolph Class of 1965
Ritch (Ritchie) Wright Class of 1965
Steve Dolim Class of 1966
Francis C. "Rusty" Brockman III, Class of 1966
Larry Mason Class of 1966
Paul H. Boliou Class of 1967
Jim Busse Class of 1967
Stephen C Combs Class of 1967
Thomas D Jones Class of 1967
Terry Lewis Class of 1967
Craig Ogborn  Class of 1967
Stephen A. Ralls, Class of 1967
Smith, James ("Jeff") Class of 1967
Edwin B. Adair Jr. (E.B.) Class of 1968
Daniel S Malloy Class of 1968
John Pearson Class of 1969
Steve Rumsey Class of 1969


Darrell Ashlock Class of 1970
Joe Buonadonna Class of 1970
Rory Clark Class of 1970
Bob King Class of 1970
Greg Lund Class of 1970
David Malloy Class of 1970
Steve Marino Class of 1970
Robert Matthews Class of 1970
John Swett Class of 1971

Dave Cooper '71

Gerald l. Meester Class of 1972
Mark Stephens Class of 1972
Randy Lloyd Class of 1973
Belle Macomber, Class of 1973
Vernon Geiger Class of 74
Patrick Rutz Class of 1974
Michael P. Turpin, Class of 1974
Barney Felix, Class of 1976
Christopher Taggart Class of 1978
Gerald (Jerry) Campbell Class of 1978

Michael Buckles Class of 1979
James Oliver Clement Class of 1979
Michael Fitzgerald Class of 1979
Pete Fletcher Class of 1982

Mark S. Brooks Class of 1983
John Stickles, Class of 1984
Peter Roumpos Class of 1985
Steven A Sewell Class of 1985
Madison (MJ) Gallow Class of 1986
Craig Pickens Class of 1986

Randy D. Collins Class of 1987
Leroy Granvle Class of 1987
Marcus Russell Class of 1987

James Montoya Class of 1991


Troy Maxey Class of 1993
Michael Harris Class of 1994
Roberto Zamora Class of 1994
Jeffery Oliwek Class of 1996
Taylor-Ann MAcDonlad Class of 1999
Sean Harvell Class of 2000
Travis J. Toscas Class of 2001

Andrew W. Harvell Class of 2002
Ivan I. Avina  Class of 2003

Sean Kent Class of 2005
Daniel Martinez Class of 2007


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Jack Jakubik '60 Passed May 2019
E-mail address: JackJ875@aol.com
Years Served: 1961 to 64
U.S. Army Aviation - Sargeant / Temporary Grade Warrant Officer. Rotary Wing Co-Pilot / Observer / Flight Inspector (JAFO), Sikorsky helicopter specialist.
Tours in: Europe and South East Asia
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Paul Prosise '58 Paul Prosise 1997
Photo taken with my old unit at El Toro Air Show 1997
Years Served: 1958 to 62
USMC - Corporal E-4 / Worked up to Communication Chef first three years, photography instructor last year.
Tours in: Twentynine Palms, Hawaii, Philippines, Taiwan (Formosa).
E-mail address: wpkona@yahoo.com
29 Palms, CA

My first outfit after 2nd ITR in 1958 was the 1st 75mm Anti-Aircraft (SkySweeper) Battalion in 29 Palms, CA. The Marine Corps Base in 29 Palms is 994 square miles of sand and dried up lava flows with both flat deserts and hills. The temperature was 120 in the summer and below freezing in the winter. What a fun place for me to be stationed for almost four years.


The SkySweeper is a 75mm Anti-Aircraft gun that was deployed in the early 1950s. It was the first Anti-Aircraft gun to combine all the various systems needed for effective use against high-speed aircraft into a single carriage, namely radar, an analog computer for calculating "lead", and an autoloader for high-speed fire.

Now, that sounds good - but remember this was 50s technology.  In live firing in the field, a drone would fly over towing a wire mesh banner on a steel cable that would give a bigger radar signature than the drone so that the gun would lock onto the banner.  That’s how it was supposed to work.  Frequently, when it was on fully automatic and firing at high speed, it would hit the banner several times cutting off part of the banner or twisting the banner so that it gave a smaller profile than the drone on the radar. That would make the guns shoot right up the cable and hit the drone which would then burst into flames and usually crash into a nearby hill or canyon. It looked like some special effect out of a movie.  (Sorry, taxpayers, the drones weren’t supposed to be shot down, but it was pretty neat).

 Since this was a live firing range, aircraft were restricted from flying over, but every now and then someone in a small plane or a commercial airline on its way to Palm Springs would cut across the base. As we were firing and the banner was being pulverized, the Anti-Aircraft gun would go nuts and try to lock onto the plane.  The plane was obviously giving a bigger radar profile for it to fire at. Fortunately, the safety officer was always able to stop it in time. Sometimes the guns would even lock onto trucks on a hill down range - almost giving some lost Marine driving around a really bad day.

 Hawk Missile

In 1960 the 1st 75mm Anti-Aircraft (SkySweeper) Battalion was disbanded and re-formed as the 1st Light Anti-Aircraft Missile Battalion or 1st LAAM Battalion replacing the 75MM guns with the Hawk Missile.  I was in 1st LAAM until 1962.  Part of the time I was TAD  to Base Special Services teaching photography until I left the Marine Corps.

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ay Wyatt '59  
Years Served:
Military: USN,Chief Machinist Mate, Retired.
Tours in: Hawaii, Japan, Okinawa, Korea, Philippines, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Singapore, and Viet Nam.


Rick inspecting 2.75 inch rockets on Bell AH-1G Huey Cobra Rung Sat Rickshaw, my never-let-me-down Caribou.

Rick Gonser'59
E-mail: Gonserr@aol.com or rick_gonser@iecorp.com
Years Served:
1963-1971 (17 Months, 25 days Active Duty)
Military: USNR, LTJG/Flew DHC-4 Caribous aka C-7s in support of Operations Game Warden, Phoenix, and Market Time
Tours in: NAB Coronado, NAS Los Alamitos, NAS Pensacola, NAVCOMSTA Imperial Beach, and Viet Nam (Can Tho, Cu Chi, Dong Tam, Phu Quoc Island, Saigon, and Vung Tau)

Clifford Kennish '59
Us Navy
Navy Hospital Camp Pendelton, 1st Marine Brigade.

Retired 1992 From the Los Angeles Airport. Police
Clifford Kennish '59

Randy Lloyd, Class of 1973
E-mail: address: aardvark@gwi.net
Years Served: US Army 1973-1977
Outfit: 82nd Airborne Division 2nd Battalion 503rd Infantry; Military District of Washington - Presidential Honor Guard 3rd Infantry
Tours: North Carolina, Virginia

Belle Macomber, Class of 1973
E-mail address:  katisue888@aol.com
Years Served: 2
Outfit:  321st Transportation Squadron, USAF
Tours in:  North Dakota, SAC
  Sorry all pictures were destroyed from flooding.

Vernon Geiger
Class of 74
US Army, SGT E-5, 207th Military Police Company
Fort Riley, Ks.  (Stateside entire enlistment)

Patrick Rutz 
Class of 1974
E-Mail: RoscoeRutz@msn.com
Joined the Marines in 1974. MOS was Radar Repairman. Took Mr. Cooper's electronic class in 1973, what a big help that was. Served at El Toro. Was an E-5. Honorable discharge.

  *        *         *         *         *         *         *

Barney Felix, Class of 1976
Served in the US Coast Guard for 24 years
Chef honorable discharge

*        *        *        *        *        *        *        *

Michael P. Turpin
Class Year: 1974 (would have graduated with this class but I enlisted in the U.S. Navy in Dec. 1973)
E-mail address: mpturpin56@yahoo.com  
Years Served: 4
Outfit: U.S.S. Constellation CVA-64, U.S.S. Pledge MSO-492
Tours in: WESTPAC 1974, Arabian Sea 1974,  Persian Gulf 1974, Bremerton, WA. Overhaul 1975-76

      Constellation again departed for WESTPAC on 21 June 1974, her eighth such deployment. On 19 November Constellation was part of an eight-ship force from the United States participating in the Central Treaty Organization Exercise Midlink 74. The exercise got underway as the largest naval exercise ever held in the Arabian Sea. Participating were forces from the United States, United Kingdom, Iran, Pakistan, and Turkey. Constellation returned from this deployment on 22 December 1974.

      On 31 January 1975, Constellation departed San Diego for the Puget Sound Naval Shipyard, Bremerton, Wash., to undergo on of the most extensive carrier overhauls ever undertaken, enabling her to carry the Navy's newest air supremacy fighter, the F-14A Tomcat, and the S-3A Viking, a submarine hunter. On 1 July 1975, she, along with all U.S. carriers, were redesignated as "CV" from "CVA." This change was made to improve the accuracy of designations in modern warfare. By removing the letter A, which stood for attack, the new designation CV could serve a multipurpose air, surface, and ASW role, depending on the type of aircraft carried. After 14 months at Puget Sound, Constellation departed the shipyard on 26 April 1976 to rejoin the Pacific Fleet.

Served 1976-1978 Long Beach, CA., Honorable Discharge

Ship's Mission

PLEDGE's mission was to conduct minesweeping and minehunting operations. The agility of a minesweeper to clear the sea lanes is a very important one for the United States since the use of mines can tie-up both civilian and Navy ships until the channel can be swept. With ships like PLEDGE performing their mission, the possibility that other ships will be sunk or damaged by mines is greatly lessened. The mine warfare sailor truly knows that. He also realizes the dangers of getting his ship sunk by a mine in the process is a possibility.

Rory Clark, Class of '70
Years Served: 1971-1975
Outfit: 5008th
Tours in: Alaska, South Dakota (SAC)

Tom Maynard, class of '62
E-mail: tmaynard@zianet.com
Years Served: 1962-1986, retired and living in New Mexico
Military: Chief Master Sargent, USAF retired
Tours: Overseas-Turkey, Japan, Korea, Taiwan, Phillipines, stateside- California,Washington, Virginia, New Mexico
Job - Air traffic Control

Jay K. Hanna, Class of '62       
Year Served: December 1965 - April 1970
Tours: 1942 Communications Squadron., Homestead AFB, Fla. 1966 -1967
European Postal / Courier Service RAF West Ruislip (London) 1967 - 1970
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Tom Frost class of 1961
USAF (SAC) 1962-1966
Airborne Radar Technician on B-52H & B-58 Bomber Aircraft
for the 43rd AEMS.
Tours in
Colorado for Electronics School 1962-1963
Carswell AFB, Texas 1963-1966 43rd AEMS

Bruce Carlton Class of 61
Email: bcarlton@pacifier.com
Years served: September 1961 - September 1965
Tours in: 1950th Air Force Communications Squadron, Wheelus AB, Libya 62-63
Hq Air Defense Command, Ent AFB, Colorado Springs 63-65

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