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Class Year: 1960
Patrick J. Haney

Patrick Haney Class of 1960_1



PatrickHaney1960_4Patrick J. Haney 1960_5

Class Year: 1960
Patrick J. Haney
E-mail address: haneyp3103@gmail.com           
Years Served: 1968-1991
Outfit: US Navy (1968-1980 including one year with 3rd Mar Div FMF (Rein), RVN), USAF 1980-1991
Tours in: NS Treasure Island, San Francisco; Viet Nam (3rd Mar Div); NATC Patuxant River, MD; NTC Great Lakes, IL; NAS Guam; University of Michigan (DUINS); NTC Great Lakes, IL; Staff Member, National Naval Dental School, Bethesda, MD; RAF Upper Heyford, England with USAF; USAFB Kirtland, NM; RAF Upper Heyford, England with USAF; Holloman AFB, NM (last duty station prior to retirement).  All duty assignments as dental officer in various clinical, teaching and administrative capacities.

Joe Buonadonna & Darrell Ashlock

In 1973, Darrell Ashlock (Class of 70) and me were 2nd Lieutenants in Marines going through Naval Flight School in Meridian, MS.  We had a month long break in flight training and were sent home to Southern California to be on recruiting duty in Los Angeles.  We were lucky to have Captain Charlie Bolden as our temporary leader.  Charlie Bolden went on to be a Astronaut, Two Star General, and is currently the Administrator of NASA.  Darrell and I went to DC this weekend for the retirement of another Marine from the Pentagon.  We were again lucky to see and talk with Charlie Bolden.
Joe Buonadonna (Class of 70)

Joe Buonadonna Class of 1970
E-mail address: JoeBuona@bellsouth.net
Military: Captain, USMC, 1972-78, KC130 Pilot
Tour in: El Toro, CA and Okinawa, Japan

Darrell Ashlock Class of 1970
E-mail address: DJAshlock@aol.com
Military: Captain, USMC, 1972-78, KC130 Pilot
Tour in: El Toro, CA and Okinawa, Japan

Smith, James ("Jeff") Class of 1967
E-mail address:  jjjeffsmith@yahoo.com
Years Served: US Army 1969 - 1970 Drafted
Military: Co A, 4th Btn, 3rd Inf, 11th Light Infantry Brigade, Americal Division
Tour in: VietNam Sep 69 thru Nov 70

James (Jeff)erson Smith
Passed away December of 2019 ,age 70; of natural causes in his Sleep. He and his fiancÚ  ( also Prisk-Stanford-Millikan alumn)’69; Jennifer (Jann) Falk were planning a 2020 celebration . A man of loving numbers; integrity; laughter and caring of both people and animals. We will miss him tremendously! RIP Soldier ! Amen!
From: Jennifer Falk
Update after autopsy report.
This is Jennifer (Jann) A Falk Class of 69.
I am the 6-year fiancÚ of Jeff (James Jefferson Smith) Class of '67. Fought in Viet Nam 9-69/11-70.  Recipient of 2 Purple Hearts. Infantry Sergeant enlisted. He passed instantly in his sleep of Agent Orange atherosclerosis coronary artery disease. Jeff and I were school mates since 1960. Our 2 hearts finally together since 2013. A Loving; wonderful; caring; generous man. He was a comptroller of the Largest Golf Course in Santa Barbara before retiring. Jeff had 2 children from his first marriage, and I have 3 children and 2 grandchildren. RIP Soldier. We Love you!!!
From: Jennifer Falk

Jim Hoard Class of '57
Military:US Navy 1965-1969, USS Enterprise
Later worked for Xerox Data Systems
Passed away at age 41 from lung cancer leaving wife Sarah, son Matt and daughter Kim, all living in Long Beach.
From: John Hoard class of '66, e-mail address: jhoard@twmi.rr.com

Jeffery Oliwek Class of 1996  
E-mail address:wyatt29@hotmail.com
Military: U.S. Navy Aviation Ordnanceman Second Class Petty Officer
Years Served: 1997-2001 (Active Duty) 2001-2007(Reserves) 2007-Present (Active Duty)
Tour in: NAS Lemoore, Ca (VFA-25, VFA-125) NAS Brunswick Me (VP-92) NAS Whidbey Island, Wa (VP-69) NAF Washington DC

Ted Rogers Class of 1962
E-mail address:
Years Served:
United States Navy - USS Buchanan DDG-14
Tours in:
Viet Nam 1968

Eva R (Beeler) McCollum '57
E-mail address:
Years Served: 1958-60 United States Marine Corp, 1978-1998 United States Army
Tour in: USMC Camp Pendleton CA, USA Camp Lawton and Fort Lewis WA, Retired.

Gary May '60 (photo coming)
E-mail address: gary@garymay.org or  ace2be@ca.rr.com
Years Served: 28 Dec 60 thru 27 Dec 63.
Military: US Army, S/Sgt (E-6), Cryptography / Fixed Ciphony Operations, Repair and Instructor. NCOIC Top Secret Cryptography Communications Center. Army Air Defense Command (ARADCOM).
Tour in:Richards Gebaur AFB, Kansas City, Missouri.

Madison (MJ) Gallow Class Year:1986
E-mail address:
Years Served: 1986-1996
Outfit: US Marine Corps (Sgt)
Tours in: Co. K MarSptBn, Pensacola, Fl (Manual Morse Intercept Operator), Co. F MarSptBn, Rota, Spain (Morse and Non-Morse Intercept Op), Co C MarSptBn, Guam (Morse/Non-Morse Intercept and Analysis), 3rd Marines Fleet Service Support Group, Okinawa, Japan (NCO Leadership School), Co A MarSptBn, National Security Agency Ft Meade, MD (Diplomatic Communications Analyst)

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