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Class Year:  1961
Name:  Gerald (Gerry) Guess
E-mail address:  grguess@cox.net
Military:  1 LT, US Army
Years Served: 1966 – 68 Active Duty; 1969 – 1970 Reserves
Outfit:  Ft. Knox, KY (BCT and AIT), Ft. Lee, VA (OCS); 53rd GS Group, IV Corps Vietnam; CO, 40th S&S Company, Ft. Irwin, CA
Tours in:  South Vietnam and Ft. Irwin, CA


Paul H. Boliou Class of 1967
E-mail address:  phboliou@gmail.com
Military:  US Air Force
Years Served:  1968-1976
Outfit:  7405th Support Squadron S/Sgt (E-5), Aircraft Radio Technician, Wiesbaden, Germany. 1969-1972 / 60th AMS, Avionics Maint. Technicial, S/Sgt (E-5),Travis AFB, CA, 1972-1976.
Tours in:  Turkey, Germany

Jim Busse Class of 1967
US Army vet   Spc-5
Retired McDonnell Douglas  Engineer/Sr. Manager.
Lawyer in Retirement raising my 14 year old Granddaughter.
Reside in Bixby Knolls, Payson, AZ and Copey, Costa Rica.  Mostly Long Beach.
Web Site: thelawoffice.us.com
email: trust@jabusse.com

Stephen C Combs Class of 1967
USAF Vet 1968-1971
Vietnam Nam 1970

Terry Lewis Class of 1967 USNavy

Donald (Don) B. Nobles Class of 1964
US Army 1969-1971
Served in HQ Company Sixth Army, Presidio, San Francisco
and in 38th Artillery, 8th Army ASCOM, Korea,  Sgt (E5) at time of seperation from service.

Posted 6.18.14

     Mike McConahay Class of '64.   Mike was killed in Viet Nam Thanksgiving Day 1966.      
From: Sue (Woodward) Hodges
Class of '64
Sophomore & Junior class photos from Doyle Flock Class of 1963

Jerry D. Poss Class of 1964
Email: pspd703@icloud.com
Years Served:
1969 – 1970 (Drafted)
84th Combat Engineers B Troop 7th Cavalry 1st Cavalry Division (Air Mobile) Garry Owen
Tours In:
Binh Dinh South Vietnam

Regis Herlehy, Class of 1964
E-mail address:  regisherlehy@gmail.com

Years Served:  1966-68
Outfit:  2BN 23INF 2ND Infantry Division,  Combat Medic
Tours in:  Republic of Korea

Bill Rumble Class: 1964
email: wprumble@aol.com
US navy (USS Dupont- destroyer; USS Albert David- destroyer escort)
Two "WestPac"tours, both off the coast of Vietnam, providing naval gunfire support to Army/Marine units in-country

Larry Ford Class of 1964
Email: lfnl304@yahoo.com
Graduated '64 Millikan, joined Navy 8/65, went to Naval Air Station Atsugi Japan.  Worked at the Base Air Termial.  E-4, and second in charge.,,we loaded, unloaded...mail, freight, KIA'S. Pax, jet engines, you name it.  got out 8/65.  Worked at Douglas Aircraft for 7 months,......started at United Airlines 4/68.  Was on the flight ramp at LAX, same gig, loading and unloading...did 5 years there, traveled alot on their dime.  January '73 started 20 career with Los Angeles City Fire Dept.....retired in '93,,,moved to Indiana to marry high school sweetheart.  Worked 14 more years in Security at large Retirement Community....retired for good June '07.  

H Hedrick Palmer Class of 1964
Class of 1964
United States Marine Corps
Served in Vietnam Nam 1966-67

Harold Timboe, Class of 1964, doctimboe@aol.com, service July 1964 to August 2002, many tours, many units, US Army.

Larry Huddleston Class of 1965
E-mail: lhudd22@yahoo.com
Years Served: 1966 to 1970
Outfit: USAF
Tours in: Vietnam !969/70

Innes Marland Innes Marland
Former neighbor until 8th grade, Innes Marland, was killed in Viet Nam.  I don't have any information about when,

but I saw his name on the Viet Nam Memorial wall in Washington D.C.

From: David Elliott
From the HonorStates.org web site:
CASUALTY CIRCUMSTANCES - Marland experienced a traumatic event which resulted

in loss of life on February 8, 1968. Recorded circumstances attributed to: "Died through hostile action, artillery rocket mortar".

Incident location: South Vietnam, Quang Ngai province.

Stevens, John
Class of 1965, Died in helicopter crash while serving in VietNam in late 1965 or early 1966.

Limited information
from Mike Lichty, class of '65.

Posted 10/23/18

Chuck Werner  Class of 1965             
E-mail address:jolly0356@msn.com
Years Served: 66-72
Tours in:Viet Nam,Thailand

Visit to Kirkland AFB (PDF file)


   Ritch (Ritchie) Wright

Ritch (Ritchie) Wright Class of 1965
E-mail address: ritch.wright@gmail.com
Years Served: August, 1967 - April, 1969
Outfit: 20th Engineering Brigade, 86th Engineers Battalion, attached to the 9th Infantry
Tour in: Vietnam, December, 1967, through April, 1969.  Served as a "combat engineer" sergeant in the Delta part of South Vietnam, and was there for the 1968 and 1969 "Tet Offensives".  We built airstrips for Special Forces, and roads and bridges for civilian and military use, and accompanied infantry as demolitions support.
Interestingly, I read in this Millikan Vet section that Steve Hinkle, from my class of 1965 and I both were sent through Army training at Ft. Leonardwood, MO., before being sent to Vietnam. 
Another interesting event happened in Vietnam.  One day I ran into another Millikan classmate, Mike Lichty, about 50 miles south of Saigon.  We had played Little League together, and attended Stanford Junior High and Millikan High School, and then saw each other 15,000 miles from home!
I attended CSULB for one year before the draft, then LBCC after the Army; ultimately graduating from CSULB with a BS in Finance, and an MBA.  Worked for Bank of America, then Barclays Bank, then McDonnell Douglas, and retired from Boeing in 2010 as Director of Finance after 30 years.  Have lived in Huntington Beach since 1975.

Michael Trapani  Class of 1960
E-mail address: mtrapanis@comcast.net
Years Served:
1960 - 1964
US Marines
Tours in:
Aircraft electronics training in Memphis, TN, served with VMA-221 and VMA-121 in Japan, Thailand, Philippines and Okinawa. Returned to MCAS El Toro in So. Cal to a HAMMS outfit before getting out. Currently reside in No. Cal. Michael Trapani

Pete Fletcher Classs of 1982

E-mail address : pete.fletcher@comcast.ne
Years Served:
Coast Guard
Tours in:
Behring Sea, Alaska, Oregon and San Francisco

John Swett 71' (Woody)(Finian's Rainbow)
1972 - 2002
Completed 23 years active and 7 years reserve
Aviation Electronics Technician
Naval Air Reserve
Tours in Spain, Phillipines, Tailand, Japan, Portugal and Hawaii,
Alaska and North West, South West and South East United States
Photo to Follow

   Dave Cooper '71
E-mail address: bootle@hotmail.com
Years Served:  71-92
Outfit: USAF
Tours in: Texas, Panama, Iceland, England, California

Craig Ogborn  Class of 1967
CW2 [Aviation] U.S.Army  1968 - 1971
48th Assault Helicopter Company,  BlueStar 28  "OGGY"  -  Lift Pilot '70 -'71
7/1 Air Cavalry, Blackhawk Sqdn.  Apache Trp.  Apache 12 - Scout Pilot  '71
Flight Ops - RVN, Cambodia, Laos, Oz
I suspect not too many read this part of the homecoming site pages.
I just happened to momentarily reflect back and thought I would
Google up R.A. Milliken and see what happened.  Not surprisingly
I found this, and spotted the Vet section and here I am.  Sure seems
like both a long time ago, and only yesterday we were at school.
It's been a considerable time since then hasn't it? I will write a little
something about myself from then, to now.  And try to be brief (Nah!)
By September of  '68, I was tired of City College, tired of being unsure
of whatever future I was moving into and wanting to do something,
anything really different than what I had been doing for the past 18 years.
And the Southeast Asian conflict had my attention for some time.
Being young, and a child of SoCal and the silver screen, it was almost
destiny I should join the  Army.  I applied for and was accepted
to (the) Army Rotary Wing Flight Training program as a condition for my
volunteering to enlist.  Got through that, whew!  Of course, that I was sent to
Vietnam straight away was certainly no surprise.  That's what I joined up for.
To fly helicopters in Vietnam.  Maybe I could have thought that through a
bit more than I did.  But no regrets.  Certainly my time flying combat missions
and all that entailed was a huge life defining experience for me.
As a side note;
The Military Channel runs a story of the 48th Assault Helicopter Company
 I served with.  An episode titled Lam Son 719 , documents the 48th's
part in the air invasion of Laos in 1971. South Vietnamese troops were
flown into Laos to sever the NVA supply system trailing south from
North Vietnam. Interesting watch.  It was an intense time. 
I also flew with the 7/1  Air Cavalry in the Delta, flying scout missions.
Looking for members of the opposition, and attempting to engage
and fight with those we found.  This with help from Cobra gunships above 
my wingman and myself.  Covering as enemy troops (we) flushed up
accommodated us.
I managed to survive, returned to Long Beach, school, a wife and
not long after that, two children. Now all grown up with kids of their own.
I did a career with the Long Beach Fire Department, and eventually
found myself as a disability retiree.  One of the reasons I retired grew more
serious, and by the last decade of the last century I needed a heart
transplant. Finally in 2004 I underwent that procedure and have
never looked back.  Thank you God.  
Dr's Debakey and Cooley, in South Africa and Texas, each did the first
successful cardiac transplants in 1967, my graduation year.  Who knew?
I have had an interesting and eventful life thus far.  My friends have long
shared with me that I undoubtedly have an excess of luck, the good kind,
if there can be such a thing,  I won't disagree with their perspective. 
I am still in California, but have relocation plans soon.  I never thought I
would leave California but I am excited and looking forward to it.
I failed to notice any combat losses as part of this site but I doubt
this represents a comprehensive listing of all the alumni in this
specific military service category.  But it's just fine for those that
are here now, and welcome to all who come after.
God Bless America.

 Mike Stevens / Posted 6/4/08

Name:  Mike Stevens Class of 1958
Email:   Latitude21@pipeline.com
Years served:  1963 to 1967
Outfit:  Captain, USMCR, 1st Marine Division, 2nd & 3rd Marine Air Wings
Tours: Overseas in Caribbean, Okinawa, & I Corps, et. al., in Vietnam

Glenn Crowder - Attended Millikan 1960
Email: Imglenncrowder@yahoo.com
erved in the U.S.Army from 1963 to 1974
Was a Army MP
Korea, Viet Nam, Germany, Fort Ord CA Fort Riley KS

Class Year: 1972

Name: Mark Stephens
E-mail address: mstephens@nethere.com
Years Served: 1972-2003
Outfit: US Navy
Tours in: Naval Communcations Station Guam, USS Buchanan DDG14, USS Sterett
DLG31, USS John R. Craig DD885, USS Leahy CG16, Naval Telecommunications
Center North Island CA, USNS Ponchatoula TAO148, USNS Sioux TATF171, Naval
Communications Station San Miguel Republic of the Philippines, Naval
Telecommunications Station Puget Sound Bangor WA, USS Denver LPD9, Naval
Special Warfare Group ONE.

Stephen A. Ralls, Class of 1967
E-mail: saralls@acd.org
Years Served: 1974 to 1997
I spent 23 years in the Navy after graduating from dental school in 1974 (U.S.C.). I served the last 16 years as a periodontist and retired in 1997 as a Captain. My last assignment was as Commanding Officer of the Naval Dental Research Institute. I've been executive director of the American College of Dentists since then and live in northern Virginia.

Steve Hinkle , class of 1965.  I spent one year at LBCC then in Jan 1967 got my draft notice. I went down and enlisted for 3 years in the US Army, taking a crap shoot on what school I might get due to the buildup going on in Vietnam at the time. Well of course the only school openings were infantry, artillery or combat engineers. I did find a slot in the combat construction school so I took it, went thru basic training and  school at Ft. Leonardwood Mo.  I  was all set for a nice assignment maybe in Germany or something peaceful-wrong!  The Army took our whole class, sent us to Ft Carson Colorado and made artillery canoneers out of the entire group!  We made up a new 105mm Howitzer unit, the 6/33rd Field Artillery that was headed for Vietnam. We trained in the fall of 1967 and in Jan 68 flew to Long Beach, were put on the USS Upshur and sent to Nam. We landed green as could be during the Tet Offensive and sent North to the DMZ to help break the siege at the Khe Sahn Combat Base. It was there that we started losing guys and the reality of Vietnam set in.  LZ after LZ, so much firing that to this day my head rings with loud siren sounds. The rest of 1968 was spent entirely in the field along the DMZ fighting the North Vietnamese units that moved in and around that area.  I came home in Jan 1969, had a year left to do so joined the Army Honor Guard and performed military burial honors at cemeteries around Colorado, sometimes as many as 12 per day. Got out in 1970 and still wish I would have gone to Ray Vines Chrysler Plymouth on Willow St and bought a Hemi Cuda!  Oh well, it was  good to be home and startin life anew, no job, no skills, a high school education and wondering what the hell I was going to do in life.
Email: hinkles3@verizon.net
Posted 8.23.08

John Stickles, Class of 1984 - Now serving in the US Navy   

Email: styckx@yahoo.com
US Army Reserves
1986-1987 Aurora, IL  Still photographer
1987-1989 Portland, OR  Psychological Operations
1989-1990 Eugene, OR Drill Instructor

US Navy
1998-2002 USS Monterey CG-61 Norfolk, VA
2002-2004 Instructor for SPY-1 radar system
2004-2006 USS Antietam CG-54 San Diego, CA
2007-2009 USS Monterey CG-61 Norfolk, VA
Posted 8.24.08

Edward Donald Freeman Class of 1957  AKA  DON  served 1957-1977 U.S.A.F  overseas tour  Okanawa ,twiwan,thiland,  cambioda texas. since i was allll the way to the south tip  it was like another country. state side was cal. texas arizona retired at davis monthan afb sept 1977 was very active in the sr71 project for 5 years . go to http://www.sr-71.org/blackbird/sr-71/
Email: SR71DlovesR@aol.com

Steve Rumsey
Class of '69
22 Year Military Career (Retired)
US Air Force 1969-1973 (1131st Special Activities Squadron MACV - Vietnam 1971-1972)
Air National Guard, Army National Guard 1975-2006 (42nd Infantry Division - Tikrit, Iraq 2005)

Posted 3.7.09

Class Year:1968
Edwin B. Adair Jr. (E.B.)
E-mail address: eb@adavisglobal.com
Years Served: 1971 - 1975
Outfit: USNR, Seabees, Third Class Petty Officer, Heavy Equipment Operator
Posted 11.19.17

*      *      *      *      *      *


Class of 1968
Daniel S Malloy FCC  USN Ret.
Sept 1969 - Mar 1992
U.S. Navy
Posted 4.4.09

Chief Petty Officer Roberto Zamora on left.
Roberto Zamora

Class of 1994
Email: Roberto.zamora@cvn68.navy.mil
San Diego, California
Chief Petty Officer, United States Navy

James Montoya
Class of 1991
E-mail address: jaromontoya@hotmail.com
Years Served: 7 years
Outfit: U.S. Army
Tours in: Kuwait-Iraq-Germany

Harry J. Dirks, Ph.D. Class of 1963

I served active duty in the U.S. military Naval Air branch from Feb/66 to Feb/69 (3 years active duty).

Original orders for Viet Nam were as a river boat gunner . . .

David E. Corrasa

Millikan Class of '61
U.S.Army 1965-1967
Specialist 4 Military Police
HQ Detachment 728th MP Battalion, Seoul, Korea
Co. A, 300th MP Battalion, Presidio, San Francisco
email: uncledave35@msn.com

Peter Roumpos  - rank - E4P
Class year - 1985
email: oly562@charter.net
1987-1990 - 3 years - honorable
24th Mechanized Infantry, 2nd Brigade, 3/19th Infantry, Fort Stewart, Ga
No tours. Missed desert storm by 7 months.
Posted 11.9.09

Class Year: 1985
Steven A Sewell
E-mail address: Skynoodle1@aol.com
Years Served: 1985 through 2009 (college ROTC 1992-1995)
Outfit: last assignment, 962 Airborne Air Control Squadron (AWACS)
Tours in: Operations ONW, OSW, Desert Sheild, Desert Storm, OIF
Posted 9.27.12

Leroy Granvle Class of 1987
E-mail address: leroygranvle@yahoo.com
Years Served: 1988 - 1995
Outfit:  United States Navy
Tours in:  VAQ - 142 Grim Watchdogs Operation Desert Shield, Naval Air Station Whidbey Island, WA
                  AIRTEVRON 5 Weapons Test Facility, China Lake, CA
Posted 11.9.09

Marcus Russell Class of 1987
email: mlrussell40@yahoo.com
served: US Army 1987-1992
unit: 364th S&S Co., Fort Bragg, NC
       82nd DISCOM, 82 Airborne Div., Fort Bragg, NC
Tours:  Team Spirit - South Korea ('88)
           Hurricane Hugo - St. Croix, USVI ('89)
           Persian Gulf War - Operations Desert Shield ('90-;91) and Desert Storm ('91)
           Bright Star -Jordan and Egypt
           Guantanamo Bay ('91-92)

William (Bill) Guertin Class of 1961
e-mail address:  wngjks@msn.com  
Years Served:  1966-68  
Outfit:  US Army Finance Corp, Specialist 4  
Tours in: Fort Ord; Fort Lewis WA, Oakland Army Base -Oakland was a Personnel Center that processed troops who were returning from Viet Nam to be discharged.  I was responsible for providing them with their final pay.  I saw several classmates process through Oakland and, sadly, heard of others who died in Viet Nam.
Posted 11.9.09

Michael Fitzgerald Class of 1979,  I am also look for a year book from 1978-1979.
I served in the Marines from May 5, 1979 to June 16, 1997
 Posted 1.19.10

    Chris Taggart
Class Class of 1978
Christopher Taggart
E-mail address: 
Years Served:  1985 to 2010
Outfit:  U.S. Army
Tours in:  Germany, Italy, Bosnia, Iraq, Honduras, Kentucky, Georgia, Texas, and South Carolina
Update 3.11.15

Gerald (Jerry) Campbell Class of 1978
E-mail address: f18framer@yahoo.com
Years Served: 1991 to Present
Tours in: VF-202, NAS DALLAS Grand Prairie TX 1991-1994, NOSC WHIDBEY ISLAND Oak Harbor WA 1994-1998, VF/VFA-201 NAS JRB FORT WORTH, Ft Worth TX 1998-2003, VP-69 NAS WHIDBEY ISLAND, Oak Harbor WA 2003-2007, VR-61 NAS WHIDBEY ISLAND, Oak Harbor WA 2007-2010, CTSW NAS JRB FORT WORTH, Ft Worth TX 2010 to present.


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